STM Revolution Sub-Zero


The Revolution Sub-Zero is a commercial cannabis grinder designed for high-yield extraction. It delivers the homogenous, consistent grind needed for evenly packed pre-rolls through its auto-blade oscillation, a technique that makes scissor-like cuts possible. This machine was created with versatility in mind, as it is suitable for dry/cured and cryogenically frozen flower. In other words, it is capable of grinding frozen cannabis.

Cryogenics has become a popular way to preserve cannabis after it is harvested because it helps to preserve organic cannabinoids and monoterpenes. It involves freeze-drying cannabis to stabilize its key compounds so that the eventual product sold to customers remains potent and tastes fresh. As a result, a machine capable of grinding frozen cannabis has become a market necessity.

The Revolution Sub-Zero is an innovative product designed with grinding cryo-frozen flower in mind. It specifically prevents the degradation of cannabinoids, terpenes, and trichomes by grinding under low heat. Low-heat grinding is also ideal for extracting Live Resin, Solventless, and other similar products. To continuously preserve the flower, this machine includes a refrigerator safe and sub-zero freezer whose temperature can drop as low as -20F.

Grinding up to 30 lbs. of flower per hour, the Revolution Sub-Zero satisfies the need of large cannabis companies or those looking to scale and grow. Its blade speed and auger feed speed are customizable, with adjustment options for material consistency and moisture level, among other settings. Its moisture level settings allow for moisture content of up to 10 percent.


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Two interchangeable particle screen options come with the Revolution Sub-Zero shredder: one for fine grinding and one for coarse grinding. Each produces a consistent and uniform product that is useful for packing pre-rolls evenly in high yield.

The Revolution Sub-Zero has a self-regulating, closed-loop system, ensuring a continuous grinding feed and preventing system clogs. This makes operation easier, saving time and money on labor costs.

Designed, manufactured, and assembled in the USA, the Revolution Sub-Zero shredder is a machine you can trust. It is composed of industrial-grade and food-grade materials, including stainless steel and aluminum, to maintain the integrity of the product. High-quality components also mean that this machine has a long lifespan.

Designed with safety in mind, this grinder is OSHA-compliant with a multi-point safety system. This helps to ensure user safety and prevent injuries during the operation.

STM machines, such as the Revolution Sub-Zero shredder, the Rocketbox Filler, the Launchpad Scale, and the Atomic Close, are modular. This means you can buy a single machine and then easily add modules as your business begins to expand.

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