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We now carry Triminator Trimmers. If you’re looking for versatility, then you’ve come to the right place. These trimming machines are designed with the grower in mind and are some of the best bud trimmers available. Whether you are dry trimming or wet trimming, commercial or a home grower, we’ve got the solution for you. Not only do these machines trim beautifully, but they are also priced right.

Some of the most noted advantages of using these trimmers are portability, easy-to-clean, and the proprietary material that reduces trichome loss.

With the Triminator machines, you can take them anywhere. From the mini and its tabletop design to the XL dry with the flat-free tires. The unique locking tires allow you to set up on uneven surfaces. You can easily transport these machines right up to the grow and get trimming fast.

All machines are very easy to clean. We recommend getting a power washing machine, which makes cleaning these machines a breeze.

Triminator’s Pure Trim technology keeps the product temp cooler, which will minimize trichome loss and stickiness buildup. It also helps produce the highest quality extraction material possible.

If you have any questions about which trimmer is right for you, just call one of our experts now. We will get the right trimmer for your job, as our experts have over a decade with these machines.

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When you buy a Triminator at The Trimmer Store, you don’t just get the machine. You get a lifetime discount of 15% on all parts and our extensive experience as we have over a decade of trials and tribulations with these machines. We always test the latest and greatest, that way we can better provide you with the machine that’s right for you. At a price, you can afford.

For us, it’s all about preventing trichome loss and making your post-production material as useful as possible, so we can maximize your profits.

If you need help running the machine and fine-tuning your cut, we will be there every step of the way. If you have any issues, you can always rely on us to help you get back on track.

Just give one of our experts a call.

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Triminator Dry

Only dry trimmers need to apply. The Triminator Dry was developed to be a fast, super quiet, and the most user-friendly dry trimmer. You don’t need any tools to disassemble it, either. It literally takes less than half of a second.

Triminator XL Dry

The Triminator XL Dry was built for commercial operations that mean business. You can trim up to 60 lbs per hour. In most cases, this is your entire crop done in just one hour for smaller-sized grows. The XL Dry meets the demands of large-scale commercial harvests. The amount of money and time these machines save you is ridiculous.

Triminator Mini Dry

This machine is perfect for home growers. The Triminator Mini Dry is similar to the larger dry machine but in a mini size. It’s super portable, so you can take it anywhere. You can still trim up to 40 lbs a day or up to 2-5 lbs each hour. You’ll have the ability to trim larger crops, which means you will have room to grow. We love this machine as it produces a premium-grade quality finished product. And it’s priced right.

Triminator Wet

The Triminator Wet is a commercial machine built with large-scale growers in mind. You can trim wet up to 20 pounds an hour. That’s up to 200 pounds in a 10-hour day. It’s been designed to trim a lot faster than most machines on the market. It produces the closest possible cut, and it will run up to 200 hours without having to clean it.

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