We provide harvesting solutions for commercial and home growers.
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Maintain Your Machine for better performance

Belts, bearings, tumblers. If you need parts and accessories we've got you covered. We carry the most requested parts at our stores. Just give us a call today.

keep your machine clean! Power washing available

Drop of your machines today. We'll give them a deep cleaning with our commercial grade power washer. Call one of our locations now to get started with booking your appointment.

Harvest Consulting

Are you not sure what trimmer you need? No problem. We offer harvesting consulting. We will ask you a bunch of questions and get you into the correct machine for your harvest. Call us today for more information.

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Here at The Trimmer Store, we only sell machines that we have tested in the field. We know how important it is to have the highest quality finished product. After helping over 1300 grow operations we know how to get you the right machine for your flower and trimming area. Have a question? Just hit the live chat button below to get started.

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Twister Trimmers are some of the most versatile trimming machines available in the cannabis industry. They are our top seller for a reason.

Triminator makes some of the most advanced machines for dry trimming. From large commercial grows to smaller home grows, they have you covered.

GreenBroz dry trimmers are perfect for smaller and boutique growers who want that perfect cut. 

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