TOP 10 Best Bud Trimmers for Harvesting Cannabis in 2023

best bud trimmer for harvesting cannabis

The Top 10 Best Bud Trimmers to Help You Save Money and Increase Your Bottom Line.

Hello Cannabis Growers! Welcome to our best bud trimmer review article.

We’ve helped over 1200 grow operations and we know which machines are better than others and these top 10 are some of the best machines.

With today’s cannabis market, trimming costs are rising and the price of a pound is dropping. This is why you need to start thinking about how to make more money.

Our favorites are the Twister Batchone Pro (commercial use), Twister Batchone GO (boutique growers), Triminator Dry (both commercial and smaller grows), and the GreenBroz M Lite (boutique growers).

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Our Reviews for the Top-Rated Bud Trimming Machines of 2023

#1 – Twister Trimmers

twister logo

Twister Trimmer has made a name for itself in the bud trimmer industry. The company has more than a decade of experience, releasing fast-operating machines that streamline the harvest process. While some companies can only tout that they process more weed per hour, Twister does not sacrifice quality trimming in the process.

Some of the company’s top products include the T2 Trimmer, T4 Trimmer, T6 Trimmer, and BatchOne trimmer. Each trimmer comes with proprietary cutting blade geometry that enables precise cuts without damaging the bud.

The design makes Twister products highly scalable, so commercial growers can increase or decrease production in no time. Even so, Twister trimmer machines are suitable for growing operations of all sizes.

Let’s take a look in detail a little more about these machines….

Twister BatchOne

twister-batchone dry bud trimmer

There is only one place to begin, and this is with the Twister BatchOne Pro Trimmer, which is an amazing choice if you are looking for a convenient and portable solution. Ideal for craft cultivators, its barrel trimmer has 30 percent more power and 40 percent greater capacity when compared with the closest competition.

This bud trimmer is also very easy to use as well, as it features 360° rotating casters. It also has a slim profile, making it thin enough to fit through a typical doorway.

Controlling the trim and accommodating various strains is straightforward, as the barrel is completely adjustable.

Keep your harvest moving and increase efficiency levels by easily unloading or loading this trimming machine from either side.

You can also be sure that it meets all of the regulations in place, as it is CSA and UL compliant.

Power washing is a breeze thanks to the removable control box and stainless steel tumbler. You do not have to worry about losing parts, damaging the blade, or shorting electronics.

Plus, storage is also convenient, thanks to the nestable and stackable containers.

  • Size – Does Large Batches
  • Quietness
  • Quality of Trim
  • Ease of Maintenance
  • Must have 15-20 pounds of each strain to dial it in
  • Need a truck/van to move it around
  • Cost – $27,321
  • Dimensions – 63″ L x 34″ W x 48″ H
  • Power – 115 V, 60 Hz
  • Wet or Dry – Dry
  • Pounds Per Hour – 88 lbs/hr


Twister BatchOne Go


If you’re looking for a super quiet dry trimmer that is made from high-end materials, very easy to use, and is priced right then look no further than the Twister BatchOne Go dry trimming machine.

This machine is engineered to make dry trimming your small batches of flower super easy and effective. It’s made from high-quality aircraft grade aluminum and electropolished food grade stainless steel. It does about 5 lbs per hour. There is no dry trim machine in the harvesting industry that even comes close. With the right product, you’ll get as close to hand-trimming as you can get.

With only 6 removable pieces, this machine is easy to clean with a pressure washer and can be disassembled in seconds.

  • Easy to transport
  • Cleaning is quick and easy
  • Quality of finished flower
  • Good price point
  • Good for smaller harvests only – Under 20 pounds
  • Cost – $2663
  • Dimensions – 22.4” L x 13.9” W x 19.6” H
  • Power – 120V, 60Hz
  • Wet or dry: Dry only
  • Trim 5lbs Per Hour
  • 58 decibels


Twister T4

twister t4 bud trimmer

Another bud trimmer that comes highly recommended by this acclaimed brand is Twister T4. Created with medium and large-scale growers in mind, this bud trimmer provides exceptional levels of quality, versatility, and flexibility.

There are two different models to select from if you decide that Twister T4 is right for you. The standard model features stainless steel tumbler and nitride blades. It is portable and lightweight. You can adjust the blades, with six different settings to select from, enabling you to control the trim and speed so that every strain is customized.

The other model to consider is the pharmaceutical version, which has a food-grade stainless steel blade. The design is minimalistic, making it easy to clean, ensuring you comply with all of the health and safety regulations in place.

If you are trimming wet with the Twister T4, you can triple your capacity, as it is possible to place three machines in line thanks to the innovative design. For trimming dry bud, two machines can be placed together, which will double your hourly throughput.

  • Trims wet and dry
  • Variable Speed Control
  • Transports easy
  • Can be setup tandem with multiple machines
  • It’s loud
  • Hard to clean
  • Cost – $9,799
  • Dimensions – 25″ L x 15″ W x 16.5″ H
  • Power – 115 V, 60 Hz
  • Wet or Dry – Both
  • Pounds Per Hour – 23 – 78 lbs/hr wet, 7 – 16 lbs/hr dry.


Twister T2

twister t2 bt

The number one commercial trimming machine on the market today, it should come as no surprise to see the Twister T2 listed on this page.

Designed and built with insight from licensed producers and using food-grade stainless steel, the T2 will keep your workers safe while meeting all of the worldwide sanitation and health standards.

The T2 bud trimmer also has an emergency stop feature, as well as safety sensors, ensuring all health and safety capabilities are met.

You can use this machine with both dry and wet buds. Plus, it is very easy to clean and operate. You can operate the Twister T2 consecutively with up to two dry trimming machines or four wet trimming machines. This gives you the ability to considerably boost your output!

  • Wheels make it easy to transport to grow
  • Great for outdoor plants
  • Does large batches
  • Can be used in tandem with more than one machine
  • Very Loud
  • It only has one functionality
  • Hard to clean
  • Cost – $16,226
  • Dimensions – 42.5″ L x 27.5″ W x 32.5″ H
  • Power – 120 V, 60 Hz
  • Wet or Dry – Both
  • Pounds Per Hour – 35 – 172 lbs/hr wet, 11 – 25 lbs/hr dry


Twister T6

twister t6 bt

Finally, we have the Twister T6, which has revolutionized the market when it comes to small-batch trimming. Whether you trim dry or wet bud, this is a great choice.

Constructed using premium quality materials, you can expect 304 stainless steel, anodized alloy aluminum, ballistics-grade plastics, and outstanding levels of performance with this bud trimmer.

If you are working from home, the Twister T6 is portable and light.

You can take control of our trim with this machine thanks to the 96-point adjustable system, as well as the SoftTumble technology, which delivers sheer perfection. The rotary cutting blade system makes more than 19,250 cuts every minute, ensuring you get your cutting done as quickly as possible.

You can expect to make short work of your harvest, as the Trimmer T6 is efficient while also being very easy to clean at the same time.

  • Good price point
  • Perfect for home growers
  • Small and easy to transport/move around
  • Table top
  • Does wet and dry
  • Plastic parts that break
  • Loud
  • Hard to clean
  • Cost – $4,138
  • Dimensions – 30″ L x 11″ W x 10″ H
  • Power – 115 V, 60 Hz
  • Wet or Dry – Both
  • Pounds Per Hour – 20 lbs/hr wet, 4 lbs/hr dry


#2 – GreenBroz Trimmers

greenbroz logo

Many growers balk at the idea of automation because trimmer machines don’t have the same care or dexterity as humans. While it is true that a rough trimmer can produce lower quality and less-desirable buds than hand trimming, GreenBroz trimmers offer a solution with each one of its dry trimmers, providing an exceptionally gentle cut.

After a grower places their cannabis inside a GreenBroz trimmer, the trimmer slowly rolls the buds along the bladed surface. The gradual process enables a close cut removing the leaves without compromising the flavor or structure.

GreenBroz only manufactures dry trimmers, each coming with a full three-year warranty. The trimmers work best at 55% humidity and plant moisture levels around 8-12%.

GreenBroz M Lite

greenbroz m lite dry tabletop trimmer small

Another model that we recommend highly if you are looking for an efficient bud trimmer is the GreenBroz M Lite. This dry bud trimmer is a great choice if you are a home grower or hobbyist who deals with small batches.

Constructed here in the United States, this bud trimmer can trim 9+ pounds per hour.

Championed as the most delicate plant trimmer in the world, the GreenBroz M Lite was a food-grade stainless steel blade. The company has patented the design for the cutting blade, which has a natural curve to mimic a calyx shape. The trim is gently removed and collected below.

There are a number of great features that come with this bud trimmer, including an adjustable timer and a whisper-quiet motor. The adjustable timer means that you do not have to be watching over your harvest at all times, enabling you to achieve great productivity levels.

  • Easy to transport
  • Table top or use a stand
  • Hand-trim quality dry trimmer
  • Easy to clean
  • Trim is inconsistent with bud size
  • Must keep an eye on it while trimming
  • Cost – $9,695 (on sale for only $7295)
  • Dimensions – 19″ L x 18″ W x 23″ H
  • Power – 110VAC, 60Hz 3A 330W (US)
  • Dry trim only
  • Pounds Per Hour – 9+ lbs/hr


GreenBroz Model M


Another GreenBroz bud trimmer to consider is the Model M dry trimming machine. This is one of the best trimmers that GreenBroz has manufactured. For hand-trim quality at rapid speeds, this is the machine to consider.

There are a lot of great features that you can expect when it comes to the GreenBroz Model M. The patented blade design is one of the most important elements. You can be sure that your flowers will be gently rolled, which will preserve your trichomes and the overall cannabinoid profile. This is known as “zero drop” and it is vital if you are looking for a premium quality trimmer.

We are also highly impressed with just how quiet this machine is. Even if you have not got your headphones on, you will be able to talk while you are working or listen to music.

The Model M is also exceptionally convenient. You won’t need any big bulky vacuums or attachments. This is certainly an efficient choice.

  • Mid sized dry trimmer
  • Cleans easily
  • Quiet
  • Inconsistent with bud size
  • Must watch flower carefully while in use
  • Doesn’t fit in a trunk
  • Cost – $17,505
  • Dimensions – 51″ L x 37.5″ W x 41.25″ H
  • Power – 115 V, 60 Hz
  • Dry trimmer
  • Pounds Per Hour – 16 lbs/hr


#3 – Triminator Trimmers

Another brand with a great reputation in the industry is Triminator Trimmers. The company’s story started in Northern California, whereby a small group of grower friends asked Triminator if they could make a machine that could trim their premium flower at a commercial level.

From this humble beginning, Triminator worked endlessly to engineer equipment to assist growers and their increasing needs, expanding their product line to encompass the complete process, from the field to the end dried product.

Today, Triminator provides the most comprehensive selection of hemp and cannabis processing equipment worldwide. They supply some of the most advanced farms in every corner of the world, and they are committed to supporting both small and large farms, ensuring there is something for everyone.

With that being said, let’s take a look at some of the best bud trimmers that they have available so that you can get a better understanding.

Triminator Dry


If you are searching for a reliable and effective dry trimmer, The Triminator Dry is a worthy choice. It is recommended for small and medium-sized grow operations.

This machine has been designed with hemp and cannabis in mind. Not only is it efficient, but it is very user-friendly. You should not have much trouble getting to grips with it. Plus, it is quiet and quick – the perfect combination.

If you want to produce hand-quality trim at rapid speeds, the Triminator Dry does not disappoint. Plus, you can expect to save heaps of money in the process.

  • Mid sized dry trimmer
  • Very consistent
  • Don’t have to watch flower
  • Set it and forget it
  • Hand-trim quality
  • There are none
  • Cost – $4,995
  • Dimensions – 36″ L x 24″ W x 36″ H
  • Power – 120 V
  • Dry trim only
  • Pounds Per Hour – 10 lbs/hr


Triminator XL Dry


If you are yet to find the perfect bud trimmer for you, don’t worry, as we have the Triminator XL Dry, which is certainly another worthy contender.

When a correctly prepared flower is placed into the trimmer, the Triminator XL Dry will do an excellent job of providing you with a high-quality machine trim and doing it at a rapid speed. You can expect a consistent level of quality as well, so you do not have to worry about the Triminator being reliable or letting you down.

The machine is incredibly simple and easy to use. You definitely won’t struggle to get to grips with it. You can also maintain and clean the trimmer with ease because of this simple design. In just five minutes, it will break down, and you can turn it around in less than 45 minutes if you have the correct equipment, such as a hot water pressure washer.

Another distinct advantage that is associated with the Triminator XL Dry is that it uses a low amount of energy to operate. It runs quietly and is powered via a 115VAC power source. If you compare it to the wet version of the trimmer, it is certainly much quieter.

  • Does large batches
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Good price point
  • High Quality finished flower
  • Doesn’t fit in trunk
  • Need larger amounts for the best consistency
  • Cost – $13,800
  • Dimensions – 58″ L x 41″ W x 54″ H
  • Power – 115 V, 60 Hz
  • Dry trim only
  • Pounds Per Hour – 60 lbs/hr


Triminator Mini Dry


The final bud trimmer that we recommend for 2022 is the Triminator Mini Dry Trimmer. This will trim between two and five pounds every hour. It is ultra-portable and you do not have to worry about any friction along the way. In fact, you won’t even need any tools to assemble or disassemble the machine.

Every time, you can expect truly trimmed produce. With a super compact design and proprietary materials, this bud trimmer only weighs 32 lbs. It also comes with carry handles, so you will struggle to find a more portable model on the market today.

In terms of quality, the Triminator Mini Dry also ticks all of these boxes. Military-grade materials are used to construct this machine, meaning you can wash it with ease.

Not only is the Triminator Mini Dry very easy to carry and clean but it is easy to use as well. No lubricants are needed. Plus, friction is also reduced because metal interfaces or metal materials are not used. As a consequence, during the build-up, there is no heat, meaning minimal stickiness and resin is lost throughout the cleaning process. So, you will get the cleanest and highest extracts!

The benefits do not end there either. There is an optional kief tumbler kit. Plus, you can expect an optimal cutting surface thanks to the narrow, long drum design. Plus, trichome loss is reduced thanks to the lack of friction.

  • Table top
  • Easy to move around
  • Fits in car/trunk
  • Hand-trimmed quality finished product
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Good price point
  • For smaller grow operations only
  • Harvest sizes under 20 pounds
  • Cost – $3,125
  • Dimensions – 18″ L x 13″ W x 21″ H
  • Power – 120V, 60 Hz
  • Wet or Dry – Dry
  • Pounds Per Hour – 8 lbs/hr


What is a Bud Trimming Machine?

A bud trimmer is a machine designed to separate the leaves from the bud of a marijuana plant. They can be coupled with other harvest automation equipment, such as buckers (destemmers), to create an almost entirely automated harvest process if you wish. Even if you just opt for a trimmer, though, you’ll streamline your operation, making it much faster and less labor-intensive.

Sometimes called marijuana trimmers, bud trimmers are available for wet trimming and dry trimming—a select few can even do both. They are also available at an impressive range of price points—bud trimmer machines aren’t just for commercial growers.

After all, even as a hobbyist, harvesting a sea of green isn’t easy. Manual machines are generally more cost-effective than larger automated options, but then, they are also far less bulky and work well for tight spaces.

The best bud trimmer for you will depend on how many plants you intend to trim, whether you want to harvest wet or dry, and whether you prefer a hand-operable manual or automatic model. Here’s an overview of the types of trimmer machines you can choose from.

Electric Handheld Trimmers

bonsai hero hand held trimming machine

An electric handheld trimmer offers a nice balance between the accuracy of hand trimming and the convenience of using a bud trimmer machine. Essentially, they function like automatic scissors. Most resemble an electric knife—like the cutting blade you’d use to carve up a turkey but for weed.

Due to their affordability, this niche of the trimmer world is the one most prone to cheap, poor quality products. When shopping for an electric trimmer for weed, make sure to do your research (our read ours), and look for a brand known for high quality, durable steel blades that are easy to clean.

You still have to trim the plants manually. You’re just not going to have to squeeze a pair of scissors hundreds of times (no more blisters!). These bud trimmers are ideal for wet trimming, making short work of even dense leaves, but their compact and manual design makes them best for small harvests or personal home grows.

We’re still waiting for a company to design a hand-held that works well and doesn’t break all the time.

Bowl-Style Trimmers

trimpro unplugged bowl trimmer

The leaf bowl-style trimmers might sort of remind you of a manual spice or coffee grinder, but, of course, nowhere near as destructive as there’s no grinding involved.

They feature a bowl-shaped container, with a crank on the top for the manual option. You place your de-stemmed flower in the container and either turn it on (electric models) or turn the crank. The buds are rotated over a series of blades that cut away the sugar leaf. Bowl-leaf trimmers are available for both wet and dry trimming in a variety of sizes.

While the design requires more hands-on work than some options and isn’t the best way to go for large quantities, a bowl trimmer benefits from being portable and affordable. If you’ve got a small harvest or just grow for your personal use, a bowl trimmer will likely fit your needs nicely.

Stand-Up Trimmer


Stand-up trimmers have many similarities with the bowl trimmer, but the leaf bowl has an electric fan over the opening. You place a wet or dry bud in the fan, and the blades separate the buds from the leaves, then send the trim into a container. The swift and portable design makes stand-up trimmer machines perfect for weed enthusiasts and small harvests. However, there really is just one well known stand-up trimmer on the market: the Trimpro Rotor.

Tumbler-Style Trimmers

twister t2 tumbler style bud trimmer

Tumbler-style trimmers are a large-scale version of bowl-leaf trimmers with a cylinder instead of a bowl. You place wet or dry buds in the cylinder, and it trims the leaves as they travel around the machine’s tumbler. These trimmer machines are the gold standard for efficiency and can replace upwards of a dozen laborers. They also cost more than any trimmer type on this list, with high-end models easily exceeding $10,000.

Why Do Growers Use Trimmers?

1. To Save Time

The biggest advantage of using a bud trimmer is that it’s efficient and saves time. As mentioned, by hand, it takes a single person around four to ten hours to trim one pound of flower.

Some bud trimming machines can trim up to 172 pounds per hour if run in tandem! That’s more than a significant difference—it’s a game-changer.

If you’re a commercial grower, these massive time savings can have a notable impact on your bottom line in a good way. You can reallocate the time your staff would have spent trimming into other essential tasks like packaging, marketing, or distribution.

2. To Save Money

Using a bud trimmer machine doesn’t just save time either—it also saves money. That might seem odd given that you obviously have to purchase the trimmer, and that costs money, but you won’t have to hire as many laborers to hand trim.

You also won’t have to worry about spoiled product because your skeleton crew couldn’t get everything trimmed fast enough. As a bonus, that also means not dealing with the hassle of lazy workers who may or may not show up, or, worse, people who steal.

Reducing your labor costs will reduce your overhead and so your profits. By reducing the time it takes you to get your product off the plant and up for sale, you may even be able to up your production rate, which means even more money in your pocket. Efficiency is probably the second biggest advantage of using a bud trimmer.

3. To Ensure Consistency

Another benefit of using a bud trimmer machine is that the buds come out more uniform. With hand trimming, especially with a large crop, you’ll have lots of people trimming, which means lots of different skill and effort levels.

Unless you run a very tight ship with rigorous quality control—which adds even more time to the harvesting process—there’s a high chance of product variance.

With a bud trimmer machine, every bud is trimmed the same way, and the final product is going to be consistent overall. For your end buyer—that matters.

Skill level is also the one factor that can lead to a machine trim that bests a hand trim. You don’t need to train a machine or worry about it being really bad at its job, so long as you get a good machine, that is.

Visit our article about hand trimming vs machine trimming if you’d like to learn more.

Wet Trim vs. Dry Trim?

Wet Trimming

Wet trimming occurs immediately after a grower harvests the plants. The flowers move directly to the trimming facility to eliminate downtime. The streamlined approach means growers can save time and space because they do not need to dry the buds before processing them.

Growers agree that cutting wet buds is easier. The leaves veer away from the calyx, so the flower remains less susceptible to damage inside the bud trimmer machine. This more user-friendly approach makes it ideal for novice growers.

Dry Trimming

Dry trimming takes place following the harvest, as growers cut the cannabis plant and dry the flowers. The buds must reach a particular moisture level, usually 8% to 12%, before entering a leaf bowl trimmer.

Weed trimmed dry may look better too. Trimming preserves the bud’s quality, producing the same appearance as a hand-cut nugget. A dry trimmer comes with more precision, so the final products tend to get that high quality, picture-perfect finish.

Check out our article wet trim vs dry trim if you’d like to learn more about the basics.

What is the Best Bud Trimmer?

The best bud trimmer depends entirely on your personal needs and objectives. While a tumbler-style trimmer that costs as much as a new car is appealing, it would be too big and cost too much for a hobbyist. The same logic works in reverse with a reliable-but-small trimmer, which would do little to meet a commercial grower’s needs.

While the best bud trimmer will always be a matter of opinion, there are indeed things that make some models better than others. A good trimmer has an intuitive operating system, easy-to-clean design, and durable parts, preferably steel blades. Your trimmer should also come with at least a one-year warranty to cover potential problems, but the longer the coverage, the better.

Growers that prefer versatility should seek a bud trimmer with both wet and dry cutting capabilities. These machines remove leaves quickly, regardless of moisture levels.


Well, there you have it. We have tested most of the machines available on the market and without a doubt the ones on this list are some of the best bud trimmers available to date. What do you think? Which machines have you tried?

If you have any questions please reach out to one of our harvesting specialists. Contact us or visit one of our locations. We can help you with rentals, sales, maintenance, and harvest consulting.

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