STM Revolution 2.0


The Revolution 2.0 is a commercial cannabis grinder designed to improve grinding and extraction. Because it makes clean, scissor-like cuts with custom dual blades and auto-blade oscillation, putting cannabis through this grinder means it will be evenly ground. This makes it easier to pack pre-rolls evenly.

This grinder also produces a higher potency product that preserves terpenes and cannabinoids. It accomplishes this as a low-heat, low-friction machine that does not mash or whip the cannabis. All of these qualities lead to less degradation and potency loss of the ground flower.

Brilliant Health LLC conducted an independent study in 2021, where the results show that the STM Revolution 2.0 grinder delivered a product with less than 1 percent loss of terpenes at a 9 percent moisture level. The grinding process only produced 0.5 percent of the terpene loss. The findings from this study also showed that the grinder did not cause significant decarboxylation or any other cannabinoid or terpene chemical alterations. The Revolution 2.0 is the only grinder on the market backed by independent scientific research.



The Revolution 2.0 grinder can grind up to 30 lbs. of dry flower per hour, allowing your cannabis company to scale and grow as needed. It has customizable settings for blade speed and auger feed speed, so you’ll be able to adjust easily for things like material consistency and moisture level. This level of fine-tuning is ideal on an industrial cannabis grinder.

Designed for efficiency, this machine helps to reduce labor costs. New enhancements make the operation of the Revolution 2.0 much simpler. It has touchscreen controls and a detachable weed grinder chute, making cleaning and maintenance quicker and easier. The Revolution 2.0’s self-regulating, closed-loop system allows for smoother operation through a continuous feed and by preventing jams and clogs.

It also has interchangeable fine and coarse particle screens. Each produces  a consistent, homogenous product that is particularly useful for evenly packed pre-rolls.

The Revolution 2.0 is made of industrial-grade components, which include stainless steel, aluminum, and 100 percent food-grade materials. It is designed, manufactured, and constructed in the US. All of this helps to preserve the integrity of the cannabis and prevent microbial growth. The high-quality components of this machine give it a long lifespan.

The five-point safety system and emergency stop button on the Revolution 2.0 grinder make it a machine that protects its users. This way, you can ensure its safe operation and won’t have to worry about needless injuries.

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