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The Mini-RocketBox PLUS+ is a commercial pre-roll machine designed to maximize pre-roll production output. It is capable of producing 72 or 143 pre-rolled joints in 60 seconds or less, making it suitable for both small and large cannabis companies to scale and grow production.

This machine improves efficiency, as it does not require the extra task of pre-weighing. You dump in the flower, and you’re good to go. It can also fill multiple joint sizes with weight accuracy and is easy to operate and clean. This helps reduce costs while increasing production, making this pre-roll machine a win-win for your business..

The Mini-RocketBox PLUS+ is known for its accuracy, consistently delivering systematic results. This means errors are few and far between, saving your business time and lowering labor costs.


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The machine’s lift plate cone leveling system leads to even packing for consistent, attractive joints. Its adjustable top tray regulates the fill volume for more accurate weights. Thanks to this feature, you can fine-tune and compensate for under or over-fills caused by handmade and, thus, slightly inconsistent paper cones.

In terms of versatility, the Mini-RocketBox PLUS+ can fill joints of several different sizes: 70mm “dogwalker” mini-joints, 83mm cigarette-style joints, 98 reefer, and the standard 84, 98, and 109 sizes.

The machine itself is built with durable, commercial-grade materials and construction. It runs using a patented air leveling system to eliminate tamping. Its components are also food-grade, so you won’t have to worry about the safety of the output. Expect this high-quality stainless steel product to run smoothly for many years. It has a life cycle of 10 years.

Trays for the Mini-RocketBox PLUS+ can fit either 73 or 143 joints. With the use of multiple trays, this modular machine can produce up to 11,000 joints per day. Depending on your company’s production needs, you can start with just one tray and add components as necessary as your business grows.

Despite its high output, this machine is compact, so it won’t take up too much space. Thanks to its size, it is also easily portable.

STM offers training on how to use the Mini-RocketBox PLUS+ for your employees. You can do this by either flying in our staff for on-site training or sending employees to attend a full demonstration at our facilities in Spokane, WA. Either way, we promise to provide a comprehensive education on the ins and outs of the machine.

Compare this quality to a similar product on the market, the Knockbox. The Knockbox produces fewer pre-rolls per minute, is made of plastic, has a shorter life span, and does not include many of the features that make the Mini-RocketBox PLUS+ so efficient.

Across 41 US states and 8 countries, the Mini-RocketBox PLUS+ has a 98 percent satisfaction rate among customers. Any cannabis company looking to streamline and grow would be wise to invest in this high-quality commercial pre-roll machine.

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