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The Atomic Closer automatically folds the tips of pre-rolls into a dutch crown, giving them a premium, high-quality look and feel. As opposed to joints that are twisted at the tip, a pre-roll with a dutch crown fold burns more evenly and provides a more professional appearance, attracting additional customers.

Because closing pre-rolls is tedious and time-consuming, this can significantly add to the labor costs of pre-roll manufacturing. An automatic pre-roll closing machine, the Atomic Closer eliminates this issue, folding pre-rolls into a dutch crown with accuracy and speed. It is also versatile, as it works with most filling machines and is compatible with many pre-rolls sizes, including 84mm, 98mm, 109mm, Dog Walkers, and 98mm Slim Reefers.

With one tray, it closes pre-rolls at a rate of 72 joints closed per cycle (roughly 45 seconds), which adds up to around 1,440 joints per hour and 11,500 joints per day. With three trays, the Atomic Closer closes 216 joints per cycle, roughly 4,320 joints per hour, and 34,500 joints per day. With these numbers, it’s easy to see how the Atomic Closer can help you dramatically scale your cannabis business.


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The Atomic Closer is a compact machine, standing at around two and a half feet tall and three feet long. And it can function as a stand-alone machine, which makes it perfect for both small and large facilities. It can also function as the fourth and final step in STM’s one-tray pre-roll automation process. This includes commercial machines that grind, pack, weigh, and finally close pre-rolls. If you are looking to grow your cannabis company, this is a worthwhile investment that can pay off enormously.

The Atomic Closer has a 7” touchscreen control, so it is simple to use and provides fast and convenient results. It is also very easy to clean and maintain, meaning minimal time and effort on the part of your staff.

To use it, you simply place your tray a filled pre-rolls into the Atomic Closer. Next, you select your joint size on the touch screen. The machine then automatically adjusts based on your selection. The last step is pressing start and waiting a mere 45 seconds, after which you’ll have a full tray of beautiful dutch-crowned pre-rolls.
All cleaning requires is a can of compressed air to remove any remaining loose materials inside the machine. After that, you use a microfiber cloth to wipe down the machine’s surfaces with isopropyl alcohol, and you’re done.

This machine is made in the USA with commercial-grade construction and components: durable stainless steel and aluminum and food-grade materials. It maintains product integrity as a result and is long-lasting. The Atomic Closer comes with a two-year warranty.

WEIGHT & DIMENSIONSApproximately 35 lbs Machine Dimensions 14" L x 17" H x 10" W
VOLUME CAPACITY143 Pre-Rolls Every Cycle
POWERStandard 110V Full-Load 5.2 Amps 5-1/2 ft. Cord Length
MATERIALSEncased in SAE 304 Stainless Steel Aluminum & Other Food Grade Components
CYCLE CUSTOMIZATIONSingle Cycle Operation with Variable Dial
PAPER COMPATIBILITYCompatible with 84, 98, and 109 mm cones
SOFTWARE & UPGRADES Manual Control Panel
TRAININGTraining Videos via Client Portal
COMPLIANCEOSHA Compliant UL-Listed Components 100% Food-Grade
OPERATIONPatent-Pending Pneumatic Leveling System
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