GreenBroz Sorter


With one new piece of equipment, you can transform what you get from your harvest. The GreenBroz Sorter is designed with all aspects of sorting in mind, ensuring quality output.

Quality is a #1 Priority
The sorter is engineered to help you deliver a quality product and that starts with what the equipment is made of. The stainless steel and polyurethane components are all food-grade parts, so you know you will deliver a safe product in the end.

Optimizing Output
The GBZ Sorter is all about optimizing your production line. While it is gentle, it sorts FAST. Your flowers are pushed through the machine quickly, getting sorted so it is ready for the next phase in your production line.

User Friendly
This machine is easy to learn how to use. There is a digital dashboard that puts you in control of machine options such as speed settings for conveyors and bands. And if you need assistance with any aspect of the sorter, use this HMI digital interface to access support features.

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3 Reasons to Pick the GreenBroz Bud Sorter?

Make Sure Product Stays Potent
Speed is Essential
Make it easy on yourself to have a similar flower size across the board: simply sort cannabis plants of the same size in separate groupings.

A Quality Machine
Stay Safe—Food Safe
You have a responsibility towards your brand and the end-user to deliver a safe product & the GB sorter makes it easier to do so. You’ll find food-grade stainless steel components as well as polyurethane parts, all helping to minimize the chance of contaminating your hemp & cannabis.

Also, to ensure a safe working environment; it’s ideal to use user-friendly machines. With this model, you can easily adjust sizing or speed settings and the process is intuitive. Anyone on your team will find it easy to manage a fast, safe process.

Innovation for Your Benefit
New Approach = No Vibration
Various factors affect the quality of your product and a vibrating machine can wreak havoc. Now you can eliminate one more risk factor by simply using this machine because a new conveying system means this machine stays stable instead of the buds suffering under a lot of vibration.

American Made
Handmade Machines for Optimal Quality
You won’t only love the GreenBroz sorter machines for what they do, but also where they come from. The brand employs many veterans and they are passionate about growing the US economy. This is done by ensuring expert engineering, exceptional client services, and impressive workmanship during each step of the manufacturing & distributing processes.

GreenBroz Sorter Review Specifications

  • Dimensions: 109“L x 31.25“W x 47“H
  • Construction: Food-Grade Stainless Steel & Polyurethane
  • Weight: 300 Lbs.
  • Sealed Motor is Washdown Ready
  • HMI Digital User Interface (Removable for Machine Cleaning)
  • Power: (US) 115v 60Hz at 220W 2 Amp
  • Emergency Stop Button
  • Sort 1.5+ Pound Per Minute
  • Sorting Sizes: Adjustable to User Preference
  • Adjustable Conveyor Speed (30 RPM Max)
  • Adjustable Band Speed (60 RPM Max)
  • Adjustable Height Loading Hopper
  • One-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Made in the USA

*All machines can be made compatible with international power requirements.

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