CenturionPro DBT Model 3


CenturionPro Trimmers offer five models of Dry Batch Trimmers. DBT Model 3 is ideal for trimming medium to large harvests, as its capacity tops out at 50 pounds per hour of dry-weight trimming. This machine functions specifically with delicate dried cannabis, including marijuana or hemp. It automates the trimming process while maintaining high standards of quality control.

The DBT Model 3 utilizes CenturionPro’s unique Soft Tumbler Technology to provide the same trim quality as hand trimming. Blower suction systems or lubricants, which could diminish the integrity of the final product through trichome loss, are not used.

If you’re looking for a larger machine that does wet check out the CenturionPro 3.0.


The DBT Model 3 blades have a high surface area, allowing for a higher processing capacity and higher-quality trimming. Additionally, this machine’s variable speed control allows for versatile trimming options. It is compatible with all types of flower, regardless of shape, density, or size. The result is a product that is ready for customers.

A Kief Filter Screen Upgrade to your DBT Model 3 adds a useful extra feature to the machine. Once your batch trim is done, remove the trimmed product, switch out the DBT tumbler with the Kief Filter Screen tumbler and run the trimmed flower from the trim bin. Composed of medical-grade stainless steel, the 150-micron mesh screen then precisely separates your flower, trim, and kief. All final products are customer-ready on the spot.

The DBT Model 3 includes an adjustable stand, which allows for pitch adjustment to make loading and unloading much easier. It also simplifies cleaning and maintenance. These combined features create a seamless workflow for your staff.

The automated trimming the DBT Model 3 provides will lead to dramatic savings on labor costs and allow you to scale your cannabis business as a result. This one machine can do the work of up to 200 staff members. Keep in mind that it is crucial that the cannabis is properly dried before being introduced to the DBT Model 3 for best results. You can test the flower moisture by running your finger over it. If the leaves easily snap off the flower, it is sufficiently dry and ready for the DBT Model 3.

All components of the machinery are high-quality and sourced throughout North America. They are vigorously tested in real-life conditions to ensure durability. The DBT Model 3 comes with a three-year warranty. CenturionPro assures that, with correct maintenance, it will easily last over a decade.

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