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We Don't Charge Cleaning Fees & There is No Deposit Needed.
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Demos are available for any machine

TWISTER trimmer rentals

All of our Twister Trimmer rentals are cleaned, maintained, and ready to trim.
There are no cleaning fees and no deposit is required.

  • Twister T4
    Twister T4 $350/day

    Trim up to 23 wet or 7 dry pounds per hour with the Twister T4. w/leaf collector
    (Add Trim Saver +$125/day)

PLEASE NOTE: Rentals are for a 23-hour period. Pickup time is 10:00 am and drop off is 9:00 am the following day.

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Our Triminator Trimmer rentals are cleaned, maintained, and ready to trim.
There are no cleaning fees and no deposit is required.

  • Triminator Dry
    Triminator Dry $350/day

    Trim up to 4-8 pounds per hour dry with the Triminator Dry.

PLEASE NOTE: Rentals are for a 23-hour period. Pickup time is 10:00 am and drop off is 9:00 am the following day.

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All of our buckers are cleaned, maintained, and ready to buck.
There are no cleaning fees and no deposit is required.

PLEASE NOTE: Rentals are for a 23-hour period. Pickup time is 10:00 am and drop off is 9:00 am the following day.

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*Important Rental Information

Pick ups:
You can schedule pick-ups any time between 10:00 am to 2:30 pm. To pick up a bud trimmer rental, you need the following;

  • Valid driving license
  • Vehicle insurance and registration
  • Form of payment
  • Waiver filled out
  • A $100 deposit

At The Trimmer Store DET, we accept all major debit and credit cards and cash. We don’t accept checks.

All drop-offs should be done at 9:00 am the following day. Any trimmer returned after a scheduled drop-off will incur a penalty of $50 and an extra $50 for each hour after. If you don’t return the machine by the end of the day, you’ll be charged a daily charge of $250 plus all accrued late fees. Therefore, it’s recommended to return the bud trimmer rentals on time to be cleaned and prepared for the next customer.

Warning: If you don’t contact us by the closing time (3:00 pm), we will assume the trimmer is stolen and report the issue to the police.

The Trimmer Store DET is ready to deliver and pick up your preferred bud trimmer rental. The total cost of a round trip is $100. If your hemp or cannabis facility is outside the Detroit metropolitan area, the cost will a $1 per mile.

Outdoor grow season
September 15th to November 15th is considered the outdoor growing season, and all our trimming machines often go out at total price due to the increased demand. This is why we strongly recommend booking your preferred trimmer before August 31st.

For all seven days or more bookings, you must make a ‘paid in full’ deposit equivalent to the entire period of your booking. For all six days or fewer bookings, you must make a deposit equivalent to 50 percent of the total bud trimmer rental cost.

Note that all deposits made during the outdoor season are non-refundable in case of ‘No call/no show.”

The Trimmer Store DET's harvesting specialists provide bud trimmer rentals for both home and commercial growers in michigan. we have a broad range of bud trimming machines to choose from.

  • Take 10 percent off your first trimmer machine booking
  • We serve the entire Detroit Michigan region
  • Get efficient commercial trimming machines for CBD, hemp, and cannabis
  • Free delivery within the Detroit metro area
  • Dry and wet trimming available
  • The 7th day of your bud trimmer rental is always free of charge
bud trimmer rentals south lyon mi

The Trimmer Store DET has helped thousands of commercial cannabis or hemp growers over the decade. Our in-depth understanding of cannabis/hemp harvesting and many years of experience in handling bud trimming machines makes us a trusted partner when it comes to maximizing your yield. We know the machines that work ones that don’t. For this reason, we rent only bud trimming machines tested by our in-house cannabis harvesting specialists.

All our bud trimmer machine rentals begin at $250 per day, and we have different models from which you can choose. Whether you’re a small-scale home grower or a large-scale commercial grower, we have a suitable bud trimming machine to suit your needs.

Additionally, you can get a free demo for any trimmer we offer. If interested in such demos, first contact us, and schedule a demo session. Be sure to specify whether you need a dry or wet bud trimmer demo. Bring a sample (whatever you can carry legally depending on your license), and we will offer you the best bud trimmer that suits your needs.

If you decide to trim dry, ensure your flower is ready because it requires a specific moisture level, preferably 7 percent to 9 percent.

Contact us today to book your rental or to schedule a demo. 1-248-920-9505

BUD TRIMMING MACHINES FOR SALE - Purchase a new or enquire about our used bud trimmers

Once you buy a bud trimming machine from The Trimmer Store DET, you will get 15 percent off of all relevant parts, cleaning, and maintenance of the trimmer machine. Also, you will get one hour of cannabis/hemp harvesting consulting sessions. During this consultation session, one of our specialists will do a demo to assure you that you are buying a functional, efficient trimmer that suits your requirements.

The Trimmer Store DET has you covered whether you require a manual, automatic, dry, or wet bud trimming machine. If you intend to save your trim for extraction, we still have a suitable machine for that. Additionally, we have a broad range of trimming accessories to help streamline your cannabis/hemp harvesting process.

If you still have questions or any concerns, call us at 1-248-920-9505.

Bud Trimming Machine maintenance - Our specialists clean and repair all bud trimming machine brands

  • Pulleys
  • Belts
  • Tumblers
  • Bearings
  • Indexing plungers
  • Wheels
  • Buttons
  • Deep cleaning

At Trimmer Store DET, we understand the importance of a functional and highly efficient trimming machine during the harvest period. If you realize that your trimmer is faulty or less efficient, contact one of our technicians. We will inspect the machine, clean it, and fix the issue.

Also, our technicians can help replace old machine parts and deep clean the machine. And if you purchased the bud trimmer from our store, you will get 15 percent off of all the parts as long as you continue owning the machine.

Contact us at 1-248-920-9505 to learn more.

Whenever you need expert guidance on how to streamline the entire marijuana harvesting process, contact us. We have two options for you.

Option 1: Come down to our Detroit Trimmer Store and consult with one of our specialists. The cost for one-on-one consultation is $60 per hour. Remember, this includes a demo of our bud trimmer rentals, flower density assessment, verification of moisture level, and other marijuana harvesting insights.

Option 2: Our marijuana harvest specialists can come to your facility for a full-service consultation and demo. This includes assessing and verifying your bud drying process, machine set up & demo, and assessing your trim crew efficiency. The cost of a full-service consult session is $100 per hour. Remember, our primary goal is to save your facility as much of your financial resources as possible.

Contact us now to schedule your consultation. 1-248-920-9505

Marijuana Harvest Consulting - Do you need advice about cannabis/hemp harvesting?

  • We offer floor plans
  • Save time & effort
  • Learn how to preserve trichomes
  • Learn how to use bud trimmer rentals correctly
  • Learn how to set up a highly efficient trim line to get the best production possible
  • Understand your capabilities
  • Set SMART goals.
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