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How do you ensure you optimize your cannabis trimming process? You ensure every step happens as fast as possible.

It’s all about making the most of your time. And the Twister Conveyor helps you increase your speed and consistency up to 30%.

Improve Your Product by Optimizing the Work Area
Quality control is essential to any product. And now you’ll have more opportunities to enhance the quality of your cannabis output:

  • On the Twister Conveyer’s surface, your flowers are transported at a steady pace. This improves the outcome of your trimming. The right amount of plants reach the tumbler so production continues at a consistent pace for optimum output. With no lag in the process, you don’t even waste a second.
  • Workers can effortlessly analyze the flowers going in, take out low-quality units and so only high-quality plants are used. This results in a higher quality output.
  • Stalks leaving the tumbler can be checked and leftover flowers or leaves can be trimmed manually. Now no product needs to go to waste.
  • Cannabis is best trimmed when plants are well separated. This ensures all leaves and flowers can be reached by the blades. On the conveyor area, it’s possible to spread out plants for optimized trimming.


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Product Description

Customize to Suit Your Needs
Conveyors can be added to the start and/or the end of your trimmer production line. Because the structures are adjustable, one Twister Conveyor can fulfill many roles:

  • Adjust it to meet the trimmer’s tumbler at the correct height.
  • Place it low so it can catch the discarded stalks.
  • Adjust different legs to different heights if your work area isn’t completely level.
  • Find a speed that suits your worker team and ensures fast work resulting in high quality.
  • The control fitted on the side of the Twister Conveyor can easily be reached so speed adjustments can happen fast without putting anyone in danger.

Part of the Effective Twister Setup
Twister accessories and machines are compatible with each other. You can add these conveyors to:

  • Twister T2 Trimmers
  • Twister T4 Trimmers

Important Statistics

  • An FDA approved device
  • Increase your speed by 30%
  • Be 30% more consistent

An easy solution to make your harvesting go faster and get a high-quality product. Why don’t you own one already? Place your order today.

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