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Speed up your cannabis processing with the portable Twister BatchOne Go! It trims up-to 5 pounds per hour dry. Perfect for small businesses, the BatchOne Go allows growers to set it and forget it, so they can focus on other company needs. Enjoy whisper-quiet, automatic trimming that produces beautiful, clean buds that are ready for market. After testing this machine, we knew Twister Trimmer had created a dry trimmer that will, without a doubt, revolutionize small batch dry trimming.

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Benefits of Purchasing a Twister BatchOne Go from The Trimmer Store

At The Trimmer Store, our friendly team members have served cannabis businesses of all sizes for over a decade. Our unparalleled customer service and passion for cannabis make us one of the premier equipment outlets in the country. Discover some of the benefits of purchasing a BatchOne Go from us below.

Our Valuable Experience
Gain access to valuable, professional experience. Our managers and staff have served thousands of commercial growers over the years and have encountered all sorts of unique customer issues. We can help you select the best equipment, teach you how to use it efficiently, and answer any questions that you may have.

Our On-Site Servicing and Repairs for the Twister BatchOne Go Dry Trimmer
The Twister BatchOne Go Dry Trimmer represents a durable, commercial-grade option for cannabis startups and mobile enterprises. However, like any machine, it requires occasional maintenance and repairs. The Trimmer Store team will send out a technician to perform inspections, servicing, or repairs, whenever you need help.

Our Prices
Shop with confidence in the knowledge that we list all equipment at the best prices on the market. We pride ourselves on offering the best possible price for all of our products, including the BatchOne Go. Plus, if you buy from our store, you can take advantage of a 15% discount on all replacement parts for the entire life of the trimmer.

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Differences Between the Original BatchOne & the New Go Model

Aside from a significant size difference, the main difference between the original Twister BatchOne and the BatchOne Go involves the amount of cannabis each unit can process. The heftier, full-size BatchOne can process over 85 pounds of product in an hour, whereas the BatchOne Go trims about five pounds of cannabis.

Another difference between the two machines has to do with who buys them. In general, owners of large-scale operations opt for the original BatchOne trimmer. Small businesses typically find that the smaller BatchOne Go ideally suits their needs. Finally, the prices of each machine represent another crucial difference.

How much does it cost?

The Twister BatchOne Go Dry Trimmer sells for $2,663, which gets dwarfed by the $27,321 price tag of the original BatchOne. However, the price difference does not mean you give up quality when purchasing a new BatchOne Go Dry Trimmer. Below, you can find out why the BatchOne Go is one of the most popular trimmers available.

Quality Construction
Engineered for superior, automatic dry trimming, the BatchOne Go proves especially durable. Constructed with aerospace aluminum and stainless steel, the rugged BatchOne Go offers considerable quality and performance at a low price point.

Whisper-Quiet Operation
The BatchOne Go operates smoothly and quietly, so you can focus on other aspects of your business. Unlike other commercial trimmers, the Twister BatchOne Go will not distract your customers and staff while it automatically trims your cannabis.

One-Minute Setup
The BatchOne Go’s simple, six-piece design means that anyone can run. And with its easy-to-clean surfaces, precision trimming, and efficient trim capture system, you can set it up, trim your cannabis, clean it, and be on your way in no time. Given its relatively small, portable size, most users can set it up or tear it down within 60 seconds.

● Powerful 40W motor with anti-stall technology
● Quiet, 58-decibel operation
● Ability to capture 100% of trim without a trim saver or vacuum
● Clear magnetic lid
● Easy-lock tumbler lid
● Frictionless trim capture
● Unique frame design
● Ease of loading and unloading
● Fine saddle tension adjustments for tight trimming
● Lubrication-free, mess-free operation
● Durable, anti-slip rubber feet
● Ability to disassemble and clean easily
● Quick tumbler removal
● Electropolished 304 stainless steel tumbler
● FDA-compliant materials
● CSA, UL, and CE certification

If you need a larger machine that does wet and dry then check out the Twister T2.

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Product Number02-10085A
Input Voltage120V, 60Hz
Current Draw0.5A
Circuit Breaker15A
Tumbler Motor40W
Tumbler Speed23RPM
Tumbler Diameter10in / 25.4cm
Tumbler Slots0.188in / 0.48in
Sound Rating58dB
Length22.4in / 56.9cm
Width13.9cm / 35.3cm
Height19.6in / 50cm
Weight48lbs / 22kg
Weight - (w/o motor assembly)34lbs / 16.3kg
Shipping Weight55lbs / 25kg
Power InletIEC C14
Power CableIEC C13 to NEMA 5-15P
CertificationsCSA, UL
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