Twister B4 Bucker


You know all about the challenges of large-scale cannabis bucking. The number one reason why your harvesting line gets jammed up is due to not having enough material bucked. It’s important to have enough product ready, so the trimming machines never stop running.

The Twister B4 bucker has the capabilities of bucking 150 pounds or more every hour. It’s one of the best cannabis buckers on the market. Feed entry sizes are: Plate 1: .250″, 375″, .450″ – Plate 2: .315″, .550″, .787. ″

It only takes a few minutes to disassemble, so you can get a good cleaning and get back up and running again in no time.

Ready to optimize your bucking process?

The harvest lead benefits because the B4 Bucker doesn’t require breaks. It’s also very easy to train an employee on how to use its features.

Once you’re up and running you’ll enjoy many benefits:

  • Ease of use: Thanks to an ergonomic design it’s easy to use. Loading, operation, and changing cartridges will be effortless.
  • Low maintenance: Quickly dismantle the unit in 120 seconds to reach all the parts for a proper clean. You can also wash it with a pressure washer.
  • Unique components: Minimal jamming downtime because of the ‘Active Gearing’ drivetrain (patent is pending).
  • Capacity: It can handle 150lb an hour at a max of 30ft a second
  • Safe: The emergency stop is easy to reach for optimal safety. The entry holes have SafeFeed adaptors, preventing users from getting hurt.

When it comes to quality assurance there are many features that will help your facility maintain the required standards:

  • Certifications: This machine is CSA and UL compliant, also carrying CE certification.
  • Easy to clean: You can break it down in minutes to reach all parts for cleaning, ensuring uncontaminated output.
  • Safety features: There’s an easily accessible emergency stop feature.
  • Components & work method: This machine is constructed with 304 stainless steel and anodized aluminum, ensuring a clean, durable unit. On the neoprene rubber rollers, you can adjust the tension and there are shrouds at both the front & exit. The front’s height can be adjusted to match output while the other shroud guides the stem for collection.

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Why Buy a Twister B4 Bucker?

Each feature on the B4 Bucker adds to a smooth operation, helping operators have a problem-free session when using twister trimming products:

  • Design: The unit is ergonomic and practical for use whether you prefer working with a table, a stand, or a bench.
  • No downtime: You don’t have to stop when it’s time for changing feed cartridges. Simply slide out the existing one and add a new unit. It’s done quickly, so the bucker doesn’t have to be switched off. You’ll also experience very little jamming downtime thanks to the innovative gearing unit which can shift according to the size of the stems without stopping.
  • Settings and control: The operator stays in control because he or she can pick forward, reverse, and pulse speed settings. You can also pick one of the 10-speed options according to your bucking needs.
  • Safety features: The reachable emergency stop optimizes safety levels, along with the SafeFeed adaptor that ensures the rollers won’t crush the user’s fingers.

When it comes to sanitation the B4 Bucker team has your back:

  • Easy to maintain a hygienic environment: Simply take the unit apart in 120 seconds for a thorough but easy clean. Because it’s washed down rated and carries IP69K & IP66K ratings you can wash it with a pressure washer.
  • Materials: The Twister B4 Bucker machine is made of 304 stainless steel and anodized aluminum.
  • Design: It’s easy to reach parts when it’s time for a clean. You don’t need tools to take the unit apart, so it can be done at any time. With fewer tiny components it’s easy to keep everything clean. The feed cartridges are also easily removable for sanitizing purposes.

B4 Bucker: Operate Above the Standard
The Twister brand is an industry favorite for more than 70% of producers across the globe and the Twister B4 Bucker model shows exactly why. The brand took bucking to the next level with cartridges that are so easy to swap out. No need for downtime even if you’re switching from one strain to the next. Keep the process running for optimal output.

Ready to revolutionize your production line?

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Input Voltage120V, 60 Hz Single Phase
Current Draw< 2A Operating 6A Max
Drive Motor1HP
Motor RPM262-1750 RPM
Weight285lbs / 130kg
Shipping Weight (w/o stand)338lbs / 154kg
Unit Length37.5in / 96cm
Unit Width13in / 33cm
Unit Height14.5in / 37cm
Circuit Breaker Required15A, 120V
Connector (plug)NEMA 5-15P
Roller SetsNeoprene Rubber
Maintenance Interval> 1000 hours
Pull Speed10 – 30in/s
Pull Strength> 430 lbs
Extension Cord14/3 AWG (minimum AWG size) 715m / 50ft max length
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