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Pick up the latest, most advanced commercial grinder: The STM Mini-Revolution Commercial Cannabis Grinder by STM Canna! Designed, manufactured, and assembled in the United States, the STM Mini-Revolution is the best solution for small business operations that want to set up a system for evenly packed cannabis pre-roll and extraction.

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Why Choose the STM Mini-Revolution Grinder?

Say goodbye to plastic whips, meat grinders, and blenders of the past. Read on to discover the benefits of using the STM Mini-Revolution Commercial Cannabis Grinder, as well as what separates it from its competitors.

Maintains Integrity and Retains Potency
Keep your terpenes, trichomes, and cannabinoids intact with the STM Mini-Revolution’s stainless steel, interchangeable fine and coarse blades system — perfect for pre-rolls and extraction!
The sharp blade discs will ensure that your cannabis retains its maximum potency as they cut with precision, maintaining the integrity of your product. Most competitor grinders degrade the value of the flower; however, you can achieve the consistency of evenly packed joints with the STM Mini-Revolution Cannabis Grinder.

Keeps the Temperature Low During Grinding
Enjoy low-temperature grinding with the help of a variable-speed controller, preserving the flavor and potency of your flower. Plastic whips, meat grinders and blenders, and other fast-grinding processes will only lower the potency. With a variable-speed controller, you can maintain a consistent temperature during the entire grinding process.

Operates Safely and Effectively
The OSHA-compliant STM Mini-Revolution grinder possesses a safety limit switch and a built-in safe loading system. If you improperly install the dual blades, the safety limit switch will prevent the motor from running. You can also freely load cannabis into the machine without fear of cutting your fingers on the blades.

Provides User-Friendly Operation
The STM Mini-Revolution commercial cannabis grinder will cut your product to the appropriate size without much effort or maintenance on your part. Following the few simple steps required to operate the grinder will consistently leave you with a homogenous grind.

Due to its plug-and-play operation, speedy grinding process, and convenient disassembly for cleaning, the Mini-Revolution design proves as user-friendly as any modern commercial grinder.

Offers Trouble-Free Cleaning
Thorough cleaning after each use remains a must. You can effortlessly disassemble the Mini-Revolution grinder for a quick clean by using an Allen wrench to remove the bolts. You should clean the machine’s body and blades with soap, isopropyl alcohol, or plain water and leave it disassembled to dry. Then, reassemble the grinder after it dries to use it again.

Delvers Easy Post-Grind Sifting
Specifically made to grind cannabis, the STM Mini-Revolution preserves the intact seeds and stems. The grinder delivers homogeneous particles, maintains the purity of the flower, and keeps the unwanted byproducts aside for a hassle-free post-grind sifting.

Decreases Labor and Increases Profit
You can spend more time processing rather than grinding the same material multiple times with the STM Mini-Revolution. The smooth and quiet operation of the STM Mini-Revolution cannabis grinder proves more efficient and saves labor time on cleaning tedious machinery.

The machinery adheres to high-quality food-grade materials such as aluminum and stainless steel. You will also get STM Canna’s one-year parts and labor warranty.

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What Is the Cost? What Comes in the Base Package?

You can buy the STM Mini-Revolution Commercial Cannabis Grinder for $6,600.

The base package includes:

● One STM Mini-Revolution Grinder
● One fine blade disc
● One coarse blade disc
● One collection bin
● 12-month parts and labor warranty

How Does It Work?

All small business employees can operate the tabletop-sized STM Mini-Revolution because of its user-friendly design and consistent results.
Adhere to the following steps to operate your STM Mini-Revolution Cannabis Grinder:

  1. Set the speed of the grinder to low, medium, or high.
  2. Press Start on the touchscreen control panel.
  3. Pull back the pushrod.
  4. Add material to the hopper.
  5. Move the pushrod forward to grind.
  6. Stainless steel blades will cut the material.
  7. Collect the ground material from the collection bin.

The STM Mini-Revolution features:
● Low-noise operation
● Easy to clean surfaces
● Long-lasting, commercial-grade construction
● Coarse and fine blades
● Ideal tabletop size for small businesses
● Less potency loss than competitors
● Homogenous grounds
● Food-grade, stainless steel materials
● Ability to cut cannabis flowers instead of whipping, pressing, extruding, or smearing
● Ability to maintain the integrity of seeds and stems for quick sifting
● Safety limit switch and safe loading system
● Variable-speed control
● OSHA-compliance

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Weight28 pounds
Warranty12 Months for parts and labor
Length14 inches
Height17 inches
Width10 inches
VoltageStandard 110v, three-prong plug
MaterialSAE 304 Stainless Steel
Cord Length7 feet
Life cycle8,000 hours or 10 years
PortableYes (carrying case include)
OperationManual control panel
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