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The LaunchPad commercial pre-roll scale can accurately weigh a tray of 72 pre-rolls in seconds, ensuring pre-rolls stay within target weights. This prevents lost revenue caused by the wasted product in overweight pre-rolls and distrust from consumers from underweight pre-rolls.

The accuracy of the LauchPad pre-roll scale is precise, displaying exact weights to the hundredths. Weighing 72 pre-rolls at once (and accurately) saves tons of time as opposed to having to weigh each one individually. When you’re producing thousands or tens of thousands of pre-rolls a day, this adds up to huge savings on labor costs for your cannabis business.

This machine can provide such accurate weights, in part because of its customizable parameters. You can set the target pre-roll weight, accounting for the paper weight and the desired tolerance percentage.

It’s also very easy to use and read. The LaunchPad pre-roll scale has a large 20” heads-up, easy-to-read, color-coded display monitor, which means your staff can quickly view the results without thinking twice about it. The color-coded display provides the weight of each individual pre-roll as well, allowing your staff the ability to immediately identify pre-rolls that are over and underweight. These features can drastically increase production speed and output.


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Another useful feature of the LaunchPad is its portability. While the machine must be handled with care, it is compact and easy to set up, configure, calibrate, and re-calibrate as needed.

Using the LaunchPad couldn’t be simpler. First, you load the filled tray onto the scale and use the touchscreen to select your pre-roll size, target weight, and weight tolerance percentage. The large heads-up display will instantly present you with the weight information, including whether or not your pre-rolls are within your selected weight tolerance.

The color-coded display makes this even more convenient to read. Gray means your joints are within the weight tolerance you selected. Red means your weights are outside of your selected weight tolerance. In this case, you’ll have to adjust before re-weighing. For added monitoring, you can save batch weight data and export it to your records.

Depending on the size and needs of your cannabis business, you can use the LaunchPad pre-roll scale as a stand-alone machine or as part of STM’s one-tray pre-roll automation workflow. As you begin to scale your business, it is easy to add the other elements of the automation workflow.

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