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If you’re a commercial grow operation and trimming wet then the Triminator Wet machine is for you. With speed and efficiency built into every aspect of the trimmer, you’ll be sure to produce the highest quality cut possible.

One of the coolest technologies Triminator has developed is the patented Resin Repel system. It allows growers the ability to trim non-stop up to 200 pounds without the need for deep cleaning. The trimmer literally cleans itself. It sprays a really thin layer of mist that repels the trichomes and keeps the blades lubricated. It also helps the cutting real from getting dull and getting all jammed up with plant material. This is such a huge feature as you can keep your trim line moving and productive.

The Trim Logic Technology Triminiator has designed it so the drum and the cutting real come within .0025” of each other for the closest cut possible. Think of the size of a human hair. That’s how close your cut will be. You will have minimal touch-up if any when using this machine. It will depend on your strain, but we’ve seen some pretty good results with this trimmer.

We recommended getting a pressure washer, so you can get the best deep clean possible. We do offer deep cleaning as well. Just inquire within.

If you have any questions about this triminator trimmer, or you’re not sure which trimmer is right for you, call one of our experts today, and we will get you exactly what you need and a great price.

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Why buy a Triminator Wet From Us?

When you buy any machine from The Trimmer Store you will always get 15% off of parts and service for as long as you own the trimmer. Also, when you need help we will be there. We can do FaceTime consults if you are having any issues. If you need help adjusting your settings, no problem, If your cut isn’t coming out right we can tell you why. We can teach you the best way to clean your machine. Different strains require different settings and with our experience, we will get you on the right track fast. We want only for you to have the best experience possible when using these machines.

If you have any questions please call one of our experts now. 1-866-790-2689

Let’s review some more features

  • HEIGHT 39 IN
  • WIDTH 18.5 IN
  • LENGTH 45 IN
  • WEIGHT 235 LBS
  • AC VOLTAGE 120 V
  • LBS/HR UP TO 18-20

Additional Information

Weight 235 lbs
Dimensions 45 × 18.5 × 39 in
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