GreenBroz 215 Dry Trimmer



Check out the NEW GreenBroz M Lite tabletop dry trimmer.

Are you tired of trimming by hand all day long? We hear ya. Let us introduce you to the GreenBroz 215 dry trimmer. One of the best dry trim machines we’ve tested. They did a great job on this GreenBroz Trimmer. It’s perfect for smaller growers. This machine will give you the closest cut to hand trimming you’ve ever seen and it will save you so much time and money. The end result of the finished product with this machine is unmatchable.

One of the coolest features of the 215 dry trimmer is that it has a patented blade design. This allows the flower to have what we call here at the trimmer store “zero drop” trimming. Your cannabis flowers will roll gently thus preserving trichomes and the overall cannabinoid profile.

One thing we always hear from our customers is how quiet the machine is. It’s true. You can actually listen to music and talk while running this GreenBroz 215 trimmer. There are no large bulky attachments or vacuums needed for this machine to function properly. It’s super easy to use!

If you have any questions, feel free to call one of our experts today to help you with your harvesting needs.



Why Buy a GreenBroz 215 Dry Trimmer From Us?

When it comes to wondering what trimmer you’ll need before harvest time it’s important to have experts who can help you make the right choice. We have a decade of experience with helping growers get the right machine, so they get the best results possible. We offer one on one consulting for those who do need help with assembly, cleaning, repairs, etc. for the GreenBroz 215 dry trimmer. Not only that, but we have done skype and FaceTime consults all over the world. Also, when you buy a new machine from us, we will give you 15% off of all the parts you need for the entire life of the machine. If you’re in Colorado you can come down to our store and get a live demo. Just bring some of your flowers to test, and we will be sure to get you what you need. Or, call us today for more information.

How much does the 215 trimmer cost?

The price of the GreenBroz 215 is $6695. If you call today we can get you a better price. We meet or beat all competitors. You’ll also save 15% off of all the parts you’ll need for the life of the machine.

How much does it trim per hour?

The GreenBroz 215 will trim approximately 2-4 pounds per hour. Like we mentioned, it’s a perfect machine for smaller grows. While it trims less than the GreenBroz M Light it’s still quite a machine.

Trim with care

The patented blade design will deliver the best results for your harvest. The “zero drop” process will assure that you are getting the highest quality trim possibly.

Easy to clean

The 215 is really easy to clean. It only takes about half an hour. You can learn how to clean the Greenbroz 215 here.



  • Trim Rate: 2-4 Pounds Per Hour
  • Construction: Food-Grade Stainless Steel & HDPE
  • Weight: 41 Pounds (51 Pounds w/ stand)
  • Whisper Quiet Motor
  • Dimensions: 18.63“W x 24.12“L x 16.75“H
  • Dimensions w/ Stand: 19”W x 25″L x 21.5″H
  • Power: 115v 60Hz at 25W 0.4 Amp
  • Forward/Reverse Switch
  • Speed: 20 Revolutions Per Minute
  • Adjustable Timer
  • Tabletop Stand Included
  • One-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Made in the USA
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