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Are you looking for a single machine to do the amount of work that 18 human trimmers can do? Well, look no further than The Centurion Pro Mini trimmer. Don’t let its name fool you as this bad boy delivers anything but “mini” results. This centurion trimmer is perfect for small to mid-sized grows.

If streamlining your small to medium operation is your goal, The Mini will help you accomplish this. This machine weighs only 60lbs which makes its capabilities of processing up to 75lbs of wet product and 15lbs of dry product every hour on the hour even more impressive. That’s approximately 25,000 cuts every minute!

What makes The Mini what it is? In addition to its integration with our unique triple-bag kief filtration and trim collection system, it’s comprised of a 1.5HP suction system that collects leaves effortlessly as well as the largest hopper in the industry hidden under its hood.

All Mini machines include a wet and dry Electropolish tumbler, but if you’d prefer one or the other the option to purchase them separately is available.

Speaking of tumblers: on top of the option to purchase dry and wet Electropolish tumblers, the option to upgrade is also present. If you feel that the Electropolish just isn’t cutting it for you, and don’t want to fork out your cash to purchase special sprays or lubes, upgrade to the Quantanium Coated tumblers.

What’s great about these tumblers is that you don’t need to press pause on your activities to clean them as all they require is a simple wipe with a warm wet cloth. So in addition to being easy to use, The Mini is easy to clean too.

In short: use The Mini and your buds will look more beautiful than ever before.

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Product Specifications

For those of you who want to dig in on the details of this nifty machine, here are The Mini’s product specifications.

Size Specifics

The Mini weighs in at 60lbs and has dimensions of 25” L x 10” W x 35” H. Its tumblers are each 27” long and have diameters of 6.25”.

Tumbler Talk

CenturionPro is all about giving you what you want and need to successfully tend to your plants, which is why you have a number of purchase options to pick from when you purchase The Mini.

Each machine comes with two tumblers. These options are:

  • 1 wet and 1 dry Electropolish tumbler
  • 2 wet Electropolish tumblers
  • 2 dry Electropolish tumblers
  • 1 wet and 1 dry Quantanium tumbler
  • 2 wet Quantanium tumblers
  • 2 dry Quantanium tumblers

Let’s Chat about its Capacity and Capabilities

This mean Mini machine does the work of 18 people, which is impressive on its own. Other than that, it delivers around 25,000 cuts per minute which will significantly decrease your harvesting time. Depending on whether it will be processing wet or dry product it has an hourly capacity of 75lbs and 15lbs respectively.

Vital Voltage Info

The Mini has input voltage requirements of 6Amp – 110V (NA) or 3Amp – 220V (EU/AUS).

What’s the Warranty?

Nobody wants to buy a trimmer that is going to give up on them in just a few months. And with the market being so competitive at the moment, many brands are popping up and offering trimmers with a laughable 6-month warranty. But not CenturionPro. The Mini is covered by a 10-year warranty so you can purchase this product with confidence.

If you’re looking for a larger trimmer check out the Gladiator.

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