BR-1 Bucker, Indoor/Outdoor


The superior engineering of the BR-1 Bucker, Indoor/Outdoor, with its innovative design, and variable speed, this machine helps to reduce labor costs. Production efficiencies are up to 70 lbs. per hour for dry and 250 lbs. per hour for wet, making this the go-to model for medium to large-scale enterprise production operations.

FDA-approved lubricants and rollers reduce lost revenue from the wasted product. Fabricated for first-class performance, the flowers only come into contact with stainless steel surfaces.

All machinery components are top-quality and tested in real-life conditions to guarantee durability. BR-1 Bucker, Indoor/Outdoor, comes with a five-year warranty. However, regularly scheduled cleaning and maintenance will last longer. This machine is a workhorse, and our customers say it is one of the best cannabis bucking machines they have ever used.


Product Description

If you’re not sure which bucking machine is right for you just give us a call and we’ll get you the right machine for your harvest.

Dry BuckingUp to 70 lbs. per hour
Wet BuckingUp to 150 lbs. per hour
Max Amperage3.2A
Cord15 foot with 5-15P Plug
Wash-down SafeIP66
Weight218 lbs.
Length33 inches218 pounds
Width36 inches
Height53 inches
Orifices¼" - ¾”
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