Plaza District

For a day or night on the town, while visiting Oklahoma City, the Plaza District is a must for your itinerary. In this neighborhood, you’ll find all you need to keep you busy: various restaurants and shops.

The Plaza District refers to NW 16th Street, specifically between Classen and Penn Avenue in OKC. The association behind this unique development in Oklahoma City had a vision of creating an area where business, community and the arts can thrive together. Hard work and capital investments resulted in turning a once decaying neighborhood into a flourishing hub of activity. It’s worth a visit whether you’re a local or simply passing through OKC.

There’s always something happening in the Plaza District, creating an atmosphere of excitement that young and old can enjoy being part of. Events like art exhibitions and organized pub crawls cater for various people’s interests. Other events you can attend include shows at the Lyric Theater. Or why not experience the arts in a unique fashion by joining a dance or painting class?

Don’t miss out on the block parties while you visit Oklahoma City. You can enjoy live music performances and they take place in the Plaza District on the second Friday of each month; it’s worth planning your OKC trip around one of these events.

Oklahoma City locals also flock to the Plaza District for the easy access to quality services from tattoo parlors to beauty salons and yoga studios. All its different features make this neighborhood attractive as both a business and tourist area while arts & culture also play important roles.

You’ll find most eateries are open until late at night and retail outlets will be accessible until 7 pm.

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