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Choose the bud trimmer you'd like to rent and give us a call to reserve.
  • Twister BatchOne Dry Trimmer
    Twister BatchOne Dry Trimmer $700

    Trim up to 88 pounds per hour dry. $700/Day (23 Hours)

  • Twister T4 (with standard leaf collector)
    Twister T4 (with standard leaf collector) $350

    Trim up to 23 pounds per hour wet and 7 dry. $350/Day (23 Hours)

  • Twister T2 (with standard leaf collector)
    Twister T2 (with standard leaf collector) $450

    Trim up to 35 pounds per hour wet and 11 dry. $550/Day (23 Hours)

  • GreenBroz 420
    GreenBroz 420 $400

    Trim up to 8-16 pounds per hour. $400/Day (23 Hours)

  • Triminator Dry
    Triminator Dry $300

    Trim up to 4-8 pounds per hour. $300/Day (23 Hours)

  • Twister Trim Saver
    Twister Trim Saver $150

    Use the Trim Saver to preserve your trim for post production. $150/Day (23 Hours)

  • GreenBroz 215
    GreenBroz 215 $300

    Trim up to 8 pounds per hour. $300/Day (23 Hours)

  • BudTender Bucker
    BudTender Bucker $450

    The BudTender Bucker for rent (23 hours). Call for availability.

  • TrimPro Bucker
    TrimPro Bucker $300

    We now have the TrimPro bucker for rent (23 hours). Call for availability.

Call Now To Reserve 1-405-493-9338

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Important Rental Information


Rentals starting at $300 a day!

Call Now To Reserve 1-405-295-0457

We do NOT Rent Outside the State of Oklahoma.

Drop-offs for all rentals are 23 hours after you pick your machine up. There will be a $50 late FEE + $50 for each additional hour for any rental not returned by your scheduled drop off time.

If your rental machine is not returned by end of the day you will be charged an additional day charge of $350 plus any accrued late fees as stated above. It is important to have the machine back in time so that it can be cleaned and ready for the next customer.

WARNING: If no contact is made by the closing time of 3 pm the rental machine is presumed stolen and we report the theft to the local police. PLEASE. Communication is key, so just call us and let us know if you are delayed. Thanks.

Pick up’s can be scheduled for the hours of 10:00 am through 2:30 pm.

Upon pick up time you will need:

  1. Valid Driver’s License
  2. Current Valid Insurance or Vehicle Registration
  3. Form of Payment
  4. $100 deposit

We accept all major Credit/Debit Cards as well as Cash. NO CHECKS!


Delivery & Pickup
The Trimmer Store Oklahoma City is happy to deliver your bud trimmer rental to you.

If you have a Commercial Oklahoma City Address the cost of Delivery is $50 and Pick up is $50.

If your facility is outside the Oklahoma City Metro Area there will be a charge of $1/mile plus the FEE of $50 for pickup and delivery.


IMPORTANT: During the outdoor grow season, Sept 15-Nov 15th, all trimming machines go out at full price due to high demand. We strongly recommend booking your machine before the end of August.

For any rental of 7 days or more, we require a deposit equal to the entire rental due at time of booking. This deposit is non-refundable in the event of a “No Call/No Show”.

You will also get the 7th day free.

For any rental of 6 days or less, we require a deposit equal to 50% of the total rental cost.


equipment rental agency for commercial grow operations

Bud Trimmer Rental - Different models to choose from

  • Twister T4, T2 Rentals

  • Best trim machine selection in Oklahoma

  • Serving all of Oklahoma County

  • Get the GreenBroz 215

  • Commercial marijuana trimming machines for hemp, cbd, and cannabis caregivers.

  • Free Delivery in the metro area

  • No Cleaning Required

  • Wet and dry trimming available


Here at The Trimmer Store Oklahoma City location we rent bud trimming machines that have been tested by our in house trimming experts.

Our bud trimmer rentals start at $375/day. It doesn’t matter if you are a small home grower or have a large scale hemp, CBD, or a commercial dispensary. We have everything you need so you can have a successful harvest.

Not sure whether you need a wet trim machine or a dry trim machine? No worries, just schedule a demo at our store with one of our experts. Just bring in a small sample of your flower (whatever you are legal to carry with licence) and our staff will get you the best trim machine for your needs.

Just give us a call at 1-405-493-9338 to schedule.


Did you know that when you buy a bud trimmer from us, we’ll give you 15% off of all parts for the life of the machine? You’ll also get one FREE hour of consulting so you can learn how to use and clean the trim machine. It’s important to us that you get the right machine for your job so you can trim efficiently.

Whether you need automatic, manual, wet, or dry we have you covered. Looking to save your trim for extraction? Ask about our trim savers.

You’ll also find that we carry all trimming accessories needed to help streamline your harvesting process.

If you have any questions just give one of our experts a call today 1-405-493-9338.

Hydroponics Equipment Supplier FOR HARVEST TIME


machine repair service: get new parts and a powerwash
bud trimmer maintenance - we repair and clean all trimming machines
  • Belts
  • Bearings
  • Pulleys
  • Indexing Plungers
  • Tumblers
  • Buttons
  • Wheels
  • Deep Cleaning
  • Blade Sharpening

Down time during harvest time can really hurt your process and sometimes it can end up costing you a lot of money. We understand how important it is to stay running during harvest time. If your bud trimming machine isn’t running like you think it should, then give one of our machine technicians a call.

We will walk you through the process and get you back up and running in no time.

We can help with new trimmer parts and deep cleanings. If you bought your marijuana trimmer from us don’t forget, you’ll get 15% off parts.

Call now for more info 1-405-493-9338.


Do you need advice on how to streamline your cannabis harvesting process? Not to worry. We have two options available for you to choose from.

1. Head on down to our store in Oklahoma City and get a consult. The cost of consulting is $60 per hour. This will include a demo of our trimming machines, a flower check to verify your density, a moisture level test and many other tips and tricks.

2. We travel to your commercial grow and do a full-service consult.The cost will be $100 each hour that we are needed on site at your facility. We will verify your cannabis drying process, trimming crew efficiency and machine setup. Our goal is to save your company as much money as possible.

Call now for more information 1-405-493-9338.

Harvest time consultant
  • Eliminate wasted time and motion
  • Learn how to preserve your precious trichomes
  • Get the facts on how to use your trim machine the correct way
  • Learn to set up an efficient trim line for the best production possible
  • Know your capibilities
  • Set realistic goals
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As one of the largest cities in the US you can imagine Oklahoma City, Oklahoma has a lot to offer. Within the city limits encompassing over 620mi², you’ll find many attractive features whether you’re looking for a new place to live or your next holiday destination. As the I-35 runs right though the city it’s easily accessible by road or you can fly to Will Rogers World Airport, the busiest airport in Oklahoma.

The impressive feature about Oklahoma City—simply called OKC by many locals—is that it caters for so many interests. Visitors can pick their favorite niche of attractions and be assured of enough to keep them busy for a while.

History buffs and families enjoy the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum. The Oklahoma City National Memorial allows visitors to honor those who fell victim to 1995 terrorist attack. Oklahoma City offers attractions that relate to various eras in America’s history, with an American Indian Cultural Center and Museum also planned for the near future.

Nature lovers often head over to the Myriad Botanical Gardens or the Oklahoma City Zoo. When you get hungry there are plenty of restaurants to pick from such as the Metro Wine Bar and Bistro or Cheever’s Café.

Even a simple walk down the road can be stimulating especially if you pick Bricktown area. Abandoned warehouses were turned into eateries and shops, providing a hub of entertainment right next to the canal.

When it was established in 1889 OKC had a population of 10 000 within the first day so it seems Oklahoma City was always destined for greatness. It carries on this tradition with high rankings on Forbes’ list of ‘Best Places for Business’ and attracting many tourists every year.

From the North

Head south on I-235 South then take exit 1F toward North 6th Street W/Downtown. Take a sharp right onto NE 6th Street then continue onto Linwood Blvd. Then turn left onto North Brauer Avenue. Then turn left at the 1st cross street onto NW 6th Street. The destination will be on the right at The Trimmer Store OKC 1322 NW 6th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73106

From the South

Head north on I-35 N. Continue onto I-235 N (signs for Oklahoma Health Center) Use the left 2 lanes to take exit 1 B to merge onto I-40 W toward Amarillo. Then take exit 148 C for Penn Ave. Turn right onto S Pennsylvania Ave. Then turn right onto W Main St. Then turn left at the 3rd cross street onto N Indiana Ave Turn right onto Linwood Blvd and be sure to use the right lane to turn slightly right onto Linwood Diagonal then another sharp right onto NW 6th St. The destination will be on the left at 1322 NW 6th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73106.

From the West

Head west on I-35 S/I-40 W. Be sure to keep right to continue on I-40 W and follow the signs for I-235/US-77/Edmond. Then take exit 149 toward Western Ave and then turn right onto S Western Ave. Continue onto S Classen Blvd. You’ll pass by Taco Bell (on the right) then turn left onto NW 4th St. Turn left onto N Western Ave then turn right onto NW 4th St. Turn right onto N Douglas Ave then turn right onto NW 6th St and the destination will be on the right. The Trimmer Store OKC 1322 NW 6th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73106

From the East

Head east on I-40 E. Be sure to use the middle 2 lanes to stay on I-40 E. Keep right to stay on I-40 E. Then take exit 148 B toward Oklahoma City Blvd and continue onto Oklahoma City Blvd. Then take the exit toward S Virginia Ave and turn left onto S Virginia Ave. Then turn right onto W Main St. Turn left at the 2nd cross street onto N Indiana Ave. Then turn right onto Linwood Blvd. Use the right lane to turn slightly right onto Linwood Diagonal and then a sharp right onto NW 6th St. You’ll see the destination on the left at 1322 NW 6th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73106

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Sun – Closed

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