You Must See These 9 Cultural Spots While Visiting Denver

I’m not happy unless I’m learning something. When I go out on weekends, I love the cultural richness of my state, Colorado.

Whether its history, art or culture; Colorado has enough for you to do. I love all three, which is what inspired me to compile this list of cultural destinations in Denver, Colorado.

There’s a rich mixture of history and art in Colorado. It’s a state that’s developed over the past couple of centuries with stories, legends, and historically documented events.

Aim to visit one of the following 9 destinations each month for the next 9 months—and recognize the fullness of Denver.

Denver’s Incredible Street Art

Graffiti and mural artists have free range to create whatever they want within given street section in Denver.

And wait till you see what they have in store for you. There are a few popular streets you can tour to view this incredible art. Here are three of my favorites:

  • If you’re in Denver during September, don’t miss the Colorado Crush Street Art Festival. It takes place in RiNo and contains mostly murals from various cultures residing in the city.
  • The Santa Fe Art District has over classic graffiti expressions. You’ll be amazed at the talent these artists have; armed with nothing more than a few spray cans.
  • For something different, visit the Denver Chalk Art Festival in Larimer Square and view the multiple chalk murals there. Proof that Denver really does have talent.

The US Mint

Colorado’s local mint is responsible for all the money coming out of your state.

Want to see how they make money? There’s an educational tour offered by the US Mint in Colorado. You can learn all about how their machines print money, and what the legalities of the process are.

The tour is only 45 minutes long, and you’ll get to see for yourself how coins are produced and what machines are used to print notes.

It’s all narrated by a historian tour guide who will also explain the history behind the processes you’ve witnessed.

The Denver Art Museum

Have you ever been to a museum where the building itself is considered part of the art collection?

The Hamilton building is Daniel Libeskind’s architectural masterpiece. And its home to countless other art pieces you’ll love to view.

There’s enough to see and keep you busy as you enjoy some world-renowned art pieces from across the globe. Pay special attention to the Indian art exhibit, which stays true to the Colorado spirit.

There are some great restaurants at the museum, as well as some stores for a unique shopping experience. Also look out for museum events that take place on a recurring basis.

Larimer Square

As I mentioned earlier, Larimer Square is home to the Denver Chalk Art Festival. But there’s lots more to do there. Take a look.

First, there’s a great comedy club in Larimer Square that’ll get you in a good mood to tour the rest of the district.

Then head off to some of the many high-end retail outlets and shop to your heart’s content. There are several shoe shops, designer dress shops and franchise clothing stores available.

After that, I’d recommend a tour of the Victorian buildings on display on Larimer Square. The buildings will give you a taste of Denver’s history—and they’re total eye-candy for culture buffs.

End your day by visiting one of the clubs or pubs in the district. They have something for everyone in Larimer, you just need to know where to look.

The Colorado Railroad Museum

One of my favorite episodes of Dr, Quinn Medicine Woman was the one where they built a railroad through Colorado Springs.

There’s an exciting history of the railroad industry in our state, and learning about it has been one of the most enriching experiences for me.

See multiple trains on display—both old and new—and explore the history of old railroad manufacturing and installation.

Denver Zoo

If learning is what you’re after, then Denver Zoo is the place for you.

It’s not just an average zoo where you walk around looking at animals. Denver zoo is always hosting various events—all geared at learning.

It’s not just for kids either. There are tours developed for those interested in astronomy, zoology, entomology and of course marine biology.

If these grab your interest, see what Denver Zoo has on currently.

The Denver Botanic Gardens

What I love about the Denver Botanical Gardens is how every section is marked with information on the trees or plants present.

You’ll learn a lot about Denver’s indigenous plant & tree species and enjoy the breath-taking scenery while you do.

Lodo Historic District

Okay, so I saved the best for last.

The Lodo Historic District is the perfect place for students. It’s a bustling little town that has adapted itself to old historic warehouses. Those same warehouses were never torn down. Instead, pubs and stores have opened for business—old Denver style!

You get a modern experience with a historical background to give you that Old Victorian feel.


Where will you stop at first? For the culturally aware, these locations will more than satisfy your appetite for learning.

Students are especially encouraged to learn about Colorado’s heritage through some of these great places. Got a family? Take them along and grow their outlook on home a little.

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