How to Make the Most of Your Denver Holiday

All you need is a bit of preparation.

Holidays are supposed to be about relaxing, right? But many people are much more exhausted at the end of a holiday than at the beginning.

So let me help you. I know exactly how your Denver holiday can be the best one you’ve ever had. And all it takes is a bit of planning.

Here’s how you’ll make the most of Denver, Colorado, and return home refreshed!

Enjoy the Parks

Know a city’s strengths before you visit it. This creates unique experiences and picture-worthy moments.

When you’re in Denver your itinerary must include the parks. Why? Because around Denver, there are 20 000 acres of parks and even within the city, you’ll find 205 of them.

And the city makes the most of these pieces of land. You can enjoy:

  • Hiking
  • Biking
  • Time outdoors with the family
  • Play areas for children

Instead of building museums, Denver allows you to experience things outside in their natural environments. One excellent example is Dinosaur Ridge where you can view dinosaur tracks and fossils where they were found.

Denver looks after its natural resources. Unlike in many other parts of the country where industrialization took over you can enjoy nature in its original form.

This offers you a chance to get some fresh air while you make unique memories.

Experience the Wild West

Denver formed part of the Wild West of decades ago after gold was found in the area. Today you can experience this rich part of American history through the many tourist attractions focused on this theme:

  • Farms that follow old traditional methods
  • Venues that show how old towns operated
  • Attractions that allow children to experience classic activities such as playing on hay bales

It’s entertaining and educational which makes for riveting outings the whole family can enjoy.

Eat the Cuisine

No holiday is complete without excellent food. And Denver has many interesting venues you must visit.

Apart from the excellent cuisine, you’ll form happy memories thanks to the history that goes along with the food.

World Firsts

Order a cheeseburger in this city before you leave. Why? Because cheeseburgers originate from Denver!

Another item on your menu should be chipotle. The first Chipotle Mexican Grill opened its doors in Denver in 1993. The franchise grew fast thanks to the popularity of this flavorful dish. Today you can find 2000 stores around the world.

But I think it’s better to eat one where the dream first began.

Restaurants to Visit

Nowhere in Denver will you find yourself at a loss for food.

Denver developed over the years to offer tourists as many amenities as possible to make visits comfortable. And part of this goal is an abundance of restaurants.

Don’t miss out on the many cafes in 16th Street Mall or the restaurants at Union Station. Relax in the chairs while you watch the locals and enjoy their food.

Keep the Kids Happy

Of course, you have to include kids’ preferences in your plans. And in Denver this is easy!

Most of Denver’s attractions offer children-focused activities:

  • Museums offer interactive experiences for children
  • Parks offer child-friendly play areas and activities
  • Theme parks offer activities and food appropriate for both adults and children
  • Enjoy sports activities and theme parks with toddlers & teenagers
  • History is shared in fun ways that can keep children busy all-day

There are various kids focused programs—especially during holiday times—which you can plan ahead and book for.

Denver makes holiday planning easy!

Prevent Fatigue

Of course visiting attractions can make you—and especially your children—weary. Denver’s infrastructure helps you get the most out of your days through excellent transport options:

  • Most attractions offer shuttle services for those who don’t want to walk
  • Denver’s downtown can be explored through a shuttle service
  • Union Station is connected to Denver Airport via shuttle and bus services

If resting is your holiday goal, Denver is the perfect destination.

Learn New Facts

Of course, some of you want to extract some value from a holiday. Learning something new is a worthwhile way to spend your time. And Denver offers you many such options.


Many people find museums boring, but not the ones you find in Denver. They use technology and interactive methods to make facts interesting and easy to grasp. This is thrilling for children, but even adults enjoy it.


The parks don’t simply offer hikes and beautiful scenery. They put effort into teaching the public about natural resources.

Take Your Pet With You

There’s no reason to long for home when Denver is your holiday destination.

You can take all your loved ones with you because Denver is a pet-friendly city. Many hotels and restaurants offer pet services. Because the city is used to people involving pets in their daily lives you won’t be snubbed simply for taking your pet along during an outing.

Simply check with the place you want to visit regarding their policies and plan accordingly.

Take Selfies at All the Unique Spots

Do you simply want selfies to remember your holiday by?

Then Denver is still the perfect holiday destination. It has enough unique backdrops to keep you busy on your social media profiles. Here are the most popular ones you must visit.

The Bear

There’s a 40ft blue bear sculpture at the Convention Centre you have to take a picture of. This is a piece of art named ‘I see what you mean’. Take a picture of yourself staring at the bear while it stares at the people inside the building.

The Mustang

Another blue statue is positioned at the Denver Airport. You may not get near the huge blue fiberglass mustang because it’s near the runways, but try taking a picture when you leave by plane.

The Steps

Don’t leave the city before you stood on the 13th step of the State Capitol building. On this step, you’re exactly one mile above sea level, which is another thing Denver is famous for. This is why you’ll often hear it called ‘The Mile High City’.

Run to the top of the steps to enjoy the spectacular views of over 200 mountains surrounding Denver in the distance.

Are you ready for your trip yet?

Yes, you need to put in a small amount of effort. But the outcome of your holiday will be worth it. Working these tips into your Denver vacation plans helps turn an ordinary holiday into the trip of a lifetime. And when you use all of Denver’s resources, attractions, and services you’ll leave it rejuvenated.

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