twister batchone: high output dry trimming machine for large commercial harvests

We Cater To Large Scale Hemp, CBD & Commercial Growers. With the BatchOne you can do your entire harvest in one hour. Call us today for more information.

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this dry trimmer is a game changer!

It’s all about trichome preservation combined with high output. The Twister Batchone dry trimmer delivers a high quality finished product. It will shock you at how well this machine trims! This machine will do up-to 88 pounds an hour! Just imagine what life would be like trimming your entire batch in just one hour? Call today for more information.

  • Up-To 88 Pounds Per Hour
  • Get 15% off Parts for Life
  • 1/4 HP motor prevents stalling during your batch
  • Fits through standard doors as narrow as 32”
  • Removable control box for easy cleaning
  • 360 degree rotating for easy maneuverability
  • Food grade, stackable and nestable trim bins capture your trim
  • Easy loading and unloading with 5 positions pivoting system
  • Current (Amps): 2.7 A
  • Input Voltage: 115 V, 60Hz
  • Length: 63 in / 160 cm
  • Width with control box: 34 in / 86.4 cm
  • Height: 48 in / 121.9 cm
  • 18,506.00
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If you live in Colorado you can get a demo of this machine for FREE. call for more information
I did my entire harvest in a little over an hour. It used to take me all day and then some. Seriously happy they came out with this machine.
The batchone trimmer rocks. This thing saves us so much time it's crazy good. Thanks a lot guys, you're the best.
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