Lake Stanley Draper

Don’t forget to add Lake Stanley Draper as a waypoint during your next visit to Oklahoma City. Lake Stanley Draper may simply be a municipal reservoir—one of the city’s three main reservoirs—but it’s a hub of activity for many tourists and locals.

Lake Stanley Draper is 34ft deep on average, although it can be over 90ft deep in some spots. The lake covers more or less 2900 acres. This large surface area plays a huge role in the lake’s popularity because it makes the lake safe to ski on.

Other sports you can enjoy while visiting Lake Stanley Draper include boating and fishing. For many activities such as skiing, you need a boating permit which you can get at places like Lake Draper Marina. Outlets like these also sell bait and maps you’ll need to make the most of your day around the lake. With all the activities going on it makes sense that swimming is not allowed.

You can visit the lake even if you’re not into water sports. The open spaces are perfect for dirt biking and flying remote control airplanes.

You can even stay over at the lake on one of the 50 campsites. Note that these spots don’t have electrical outlets or water for RVs. There are also picnic spots and amenities such as restrooms & grills, making it easy to enjoy a day in the outdoors with your family. If you need a place to keep your boat you can contact the marina.

The lake is situated in Oklahoma City’s southeast area and you can easily reach it as it’s near to the I-240. For a scenic drive, you can get onto Stanley Draper Drive which will allow you to travel around most of the lake. The marina can be found on SE 104th.

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