CBD Hemp Harvesting Equipment For Sale: Purchase the right machines for your business

Over the past few years in the hemp industry, there has really been a need for quality CBD hemp harvesting equipment. But which hemp farming equipment do you need? This is the number one question we get asked.

The answer is, it varies. It’s going to come down to the size of your hemp crop, the hemp farming equipment you have, and your budget.

This article is geared more towards cbd hemp growers and not industrial hemp.

If you are a hemp farmer and have been harvesting by hand, you know how strenuous it can be if you have to do 1000 plants. Now, what do you do if you have ten acres with over 10,000 plants? One thing for sure, if you’re growing hemp, and you don’t have the right hemp processing equipment, you will be in trouble from the start.

But don’t worry. The Trimmer Store has over ten years of experience working in the trimming industry and our experts will get you the correct machine for your needs.

We are going to categorize the harvesting process into 4 easy steps and provide basic information about the tools you’ll need for each step.

  1. Get the plants from the ground
  2. The Bucking Process
  3. Trimming the flowers
  4. Drying the finished product

If you have any questions, just call one of our experts, and we will help you any way we can. 1-866-790-2689

Extracting CBD Hemp Plants FROM THE GROUND

You’ll need to get your hemp plants out of the ground. It is going to depend on your needs and of course how many plants you have.


Option 1: If you have less than 1000 plants, some manpower and some large pruners will do. You can get some good ones from Felco. They cost about $100 each. Some of our customers did close to 1000 plants with about 8 workers, and it went pretty fast. Again, it will vary for every hemp farm and your setup.felco-pruners

KIRPY CBD Hemp Harvester

Option 2: The KIRPY CBD Hemp Harvester is a perfect way to get your plant material out of the ground automatically. This machine will do up to 5 acres each day. It will cut hemp plants 3” in diameter and up to 6’ tall. The manufacturer designed this harvester for commercially grown flowers. You’ll need a tractor that has a PTO drive and 40 HP in order to use this machine. Call one of our experts for more information.


DeBudding OR BUCKING Your Flowers

Warning: The bucking process is one of the most overlooked parts. Only about 4% of growers have thought out the bucking process. Your trimming line will need the product to run through the machines and if you don’t have enough debudded you’ll choke your system quickly. Check out some CBD hemp bucking machines below.

The BudTender Bucker

The BudTender bucking machine will do 175lbs an hour wet and up to 70 dry. It’s made in the U.S.A. and it’s backed by a great warranty.

cbd harvesting equipment

Twister B4 Bucker

The Twister B4 bucker is one of the best buckers on the market. It does 150+ lbs/hr and can be added to a full twister conveyor setup. Call for more info 1-866-790-2689
b4 cbd hemp bucker


As we mentioned earlier, each farmer’s situation will be different. How many trim machines you’ll need will be based on the number of plants you have to trim and how fast you want to get it done. And of course, whether you are dry trimming vs wet trimming.

The Batchone

The Twister BatchOne Pro is going to revolutionize the dry trimming industry. This machine will do close to 90 pounds dry at one time. Perfect CBD hemp trimmer.


The T2 Conveyor Setup

You can put up to 4 Twister T2 machines in line with the conveyor system and the bucker for maximum output of 160lbs an hour. Do wet or dry. Plus, you can add the trim savers, so you can use your trim for extracts.

The T4 Conveyor Setup

You can run three Twister T4 trim machines, plus conveyors and the B4 bucker, and do up to 80lbs an hour. Do wet or dry. You can add the trim savers to the t4’s as well. It’s all about maximizing your profit and if you have good extract you might as well use it.



If you need output, then check out the twister t-zero. It does a whopping 600+ pounds an hour wet.


If you have any questions, please feel free to call one of our experts. We’ll get all your questions answered and get you the best system for your situation. 1-866-790-2689

The 3.0 by Centurion

The new CenturionPro 3.0 is a perfect addition to any commercial grow operation. It trims 250 pounds wet and about 50 dry. You can get conveyors, and it comes with the triple-bag kief filtration system. You can replace up to 75 workers using this machine. Contact us for more info.

centurion 3.0 hemp machine

Drying You CBD Hemp Flowers

If you are dry trimming, you’ll hang your branches on racks until they dry.

After the CBD flowers come out of the trimming machine, they will need to be placed in drying racks. There are many types of drying racks online. It will depend on your current setup on which racks you will use. Our experts can assist you in getting the right drying setup. Just give us a call today.

If you have been looking for CBD hemp harvesting equipment and have questions, please call an expert today. 1-866-790-2689 We’ll assist any way we can and get you the advice and the correct machine for your business model.

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