A Guide for Tourists: 8 Things You Must See When Visiting Denver, Colorado

Which other city welcomes you at the airport with a bright blue horse?

Yes, Denver, Colorado doesn’t hold back when it comes to making an impression. But the 32ft tall sculpture of a blue mustang is only the first of many remarkable sites you must see during your next visit.

Haven’t you been to this city? Then I encourage you to make the effort.

I love Denver because it’s so versatile. It caters for every type of traveler. Before you plan a visit to a new place you want to know it’s worth it. In Denver, everyone can find attractions to match their interests.

Let me spark your enthusiasm so you can start planning your visit. These 8 places must be on your itinerary!


What leaves a lasting impression of a newly discovered place?

I believe it’s essential tourists experience locals going about their usual routines. And in Denver, the downtown area will give you exactly this while serving you excellent entertainment.

The downtown area is lined with tourist attractions such as museums. But you’ll also get a sense of what the city is about in the LoDo Historic District. Here you see this city’s past and present.

The LoDo area has been upgraded so you’ll find many modern businesses. But it’s the oldest Denver neighborhood and still showcases old buildings. You can imagine what the area looked like more than a century ago.

Best of all you don’t have to feel threatened sightseeing here. Denver’s downtown is rated fourth safest in America so tourists can enjoy the sights at their leisure. Festivals held in the area turns a normal visit into an experience.

When you know what the city is all about it’s time to view its main attractions.

The Blue Bear

It seems Denver loves blue.

Apart from the blue Mustang, you should take a photograph with Denver’s blue bear. This 40ft structure is located at the Colorado Convention Centre and is so big you can walk right under it. The bear is an art piece done by Lawrence Argent with the real name ‘I see what you mean’.

This is the perfect backdrop for your tourist selfies. But it’s big. If you want the entire bear in your photo you’ll have to ask a friend to take a picture from a distance.

16th Street Mall

When it’s time for refreshments you must head over to 16th Street Mall.

Imagine a shopping area that’s as exhilarating to see as it is to shop in. The aesthetic impact is thanks to 50 000 flowers and 200 trees that line the street.

You can marvel at nature while seated at one of 28 restaurants or walking down the grey and pink pathway.

Denver knows how to use color to make your visit that much more impressive.

Union Station

You can’t visit Denver without seeing its transportation marvel, Union Station. If you love history you’ll love the old classic design. Perhaps you prefer modern themes and then you’ll love how the building has transformed over the years.

Today you can enjoy the buzzing atmosphere inside while you eat at restaurants, book into the hotel or shop at the retail outlets. It offers something for every type of traveler.

Why do I call it a transportation marvel? Because apart from connecting to Amtrak lines, recent developments include shuttles connecting the station to Denver International Airport.

The city achieved their goal of making travel and transport easy for all who visit.

Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater

Let’s continue with color by putting Red Rocks Park on your travel list.

Yes, this is part of a mountain park. But it’s so much more. This is where nature is used to its full potential.

In 1941 an outdoor amphitheater was opened here. The theatre benefits from excellent natural acoustics thanks to the unique rock formations. There is seating for over 9 000 people and the best international artists—even the Beatles—have performed on its stage.

You can visit it for a show or simply view the area by day as there are many hiking trails around it.

The Capitol

Visiting the Capitol building offers something for everyone.

The Colorado State Capitol building in Denver has the unique feature of being exactly one mile above sea level. You can take a picture of yourself at this height when you stand on its west steps.

If that doesn’t fascinate you you’ll probably love the stunning golden dome. Or you can view over 200 mountains situated around.

What more can a tourist ask for?

Buffalo Bill’s Grave

Who doesn’t know about Buffalo Bill?

A visit to the western side of the country won’t be complete without experiencing something of the Wild West of old. And the grave of famous Bill—a showman, buffalo hunter, and well-known scout—is the ideal place to take a picture.

But this isn’t only about a historical figure. Your entire outing will be spectacular. Bill’s grave is in a picturesque area of Colorado where you can view the breathtaking Rocky Mountains and the Great Plains. This is where you find the heart of America!

You can also learn about Indian artifacts and children will love the customized play area.

Denver really has something for everyone!

Dinosaur Ridge

Are you interested in fossils?

Denver continues to entertain with versatility at the Dinosaur Ridge landmark situated just outside the city.

This is where you learn more about fossils and view real ones. Many of them.

Walk one of the trails to view the many fossils and artifacts found in the region. Tired of all the walking you’ve done in Denver? Then simply hop on the center’s shuttle!

The center educates the public about fossils and other natural resources in the area. For nature lovers, this is the perfect outing.


Did you pick out your favorite things to see? Who are you taking with? Luckily there’s something for everyone in this city so you’ll quickly find willing companions. Get your camera ready because you won’t stop taking pictures!

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