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TWISTER trimmer rentals

All of our bud trimmer rentals are cleaned, maintained, and ready to trim.
  • Twister T4
    Twister T4 $300/day

    Trim up to 23 wet or 7 dry pounds per hour with the Twister T4. w/leaf collector
    (Add Trim Saver +$125/day)

PLEASE NOTE: Rentals are for a 23-hour period. Pickup time is 10:00 am and drop off is 9:00 am the following day.

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Our rentals are cleaned, maintained, and ready to trim.

  • Triminator Dry
    Triminator Dry $300/day

    Trim up to 4-8 pounds per hour dry with the Triminator Dry.

PLEASE NOTE: Rentals are for a 23-hour period. Pickup time is 10:00 am and drop off is 9:00 am the following day.

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Rental Information

At The Trimmer Store MIA, we know how important hem/cannabis harvest is to you, which is why we provide the right bud trimming system for your harvest. With many years of experience in the marijuana production and harvesting industry, we stand behind the craftsmanship and quality of our bud trimming machines and provide professional support to our clients.

Pick up
Schedule your pick-up between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm, from Monday to Saturday. While you can still pick up your bud trimmer rental on Sunday, be sure to do so before our store closes at noon. During pick up, you must bring the following;

  • Proof of your vehicle registration & insurance
  • A valid driver’s license
  • A $100 deposit
    An acceptable form of payment
  • A completed waiver

Please note that The Trimmer Store MIA accepts all major credit cards, debit cards, and cash payments. But we don’t accept checks.
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Our specialists will help you determine the amount of horsepower you require for your marijuana harvest and help you choose the most suitable trimmer. You also have the option of purchasing a new or used bud trimming machine from our store and enjoy 15% off all necessary parts and labor for the entire life of the machine.

The drop-off time for all rented bud trimmers is usually 9:00 am the following day. Returning your machine after the expected drop-off time means you will pay $50 late fees and an additional $50 for each hour after that.

In case you don’t return the trimmer by the end of the day, you will pay an extra charge of $250 along with all accrued late fees. The primary reason for these strict scheduling and penalties is that our specialists need to get the used machines early enough to clean them and prepare them for the next client.

Warning: If you don’t return the bud trimmer or contact us by the end of our business day, we will assume that our equipment has been stolen and report the issue to law enforcement (police).

Ready to book your bud trimming machine? Call now! 1-786-933-4630.

The Trimmer Store MIA’s team can schedule a bud trimmer delivery depending on your requirements. All local deliveries and pick up are available at an affordable fee of $100 per round-trip. If you are located outside the Miami metropolitan area, there will be an extra cost of $1 per mile.

Outdoor grow season
The outdoor grow season usually runs from Sept 15th to Nov 15th. All our bud trimmer rentals are typically in high demand during this period. Therefore, we strongly advise that you book your preferred trimmer as early as possible. Keep in mind that all deposits made during this period are nonrefundable, particularly if you cancel your booking or don’t contact us on time.

If you want to book a trimmer machine for seven days or more, you’ll be required to pay in full before we can release it. Remember, the 7th day of using our trimmer machine is free. If you choose to book our trimmer for six days or less, you must make a deposit that’s equivalent to half (50%) of your total bud trimmer rental cost.

Contact us via phone, email, or chat if you still have any questions or concerns.

If you have any questions please reach out to one of our harvesting experts. 1-786-933-4630

The Trimmer Store MIA's marijuana harvesting specialists provide cost-effective bud trimmer rentals for large-scale commercial and small-scale home marijuana growers in Florida.

  • Dry & wet bud trimming solutions are available
  • Our store works with both small scale and large scale growers
  • We offer free machine deliveries in the Miami metro area
  • Our technicians will do machine cleaning for you
  • Get 10% off your first bud trimmer rental
  • We also offer veteran discounts

Over the years, The Trimmer Store MIA has been helping large-scale commercial and small-scale, or home marijuana growers find the right bud trimming machines. Indeed, our specialists have helped marijuana growers optimize their harvests since 2011. These specialists have also been researching and testing a broad range of bud trimmers to find out the specific machines that work efficiently and those that don’t.

Our store rents out machines and buckers that have been extensively tested by our in-house team of marijuana production and harvesting professionals. We have both dry and wet options and can schedule demo sessions for our bud trimmer rentals if you would see our machines in action.

If you would like to schedule a demo session, let us know whether you need a dry or wet trimming machine. Also, you should specify the size of your current harvesting crew and the number of pounds you wish to process daily. During the demo session, you should bring a sample of your product (depending on what you can legally carry based on your grower’s license).

Alternatively, our specialist can visit your facility and demonstrate how the machine works.

Please note that if you intend to trim your product dry, the flower must have a 7% to 9% moisture level.

Contact us today to schedule a demo. 1-786-933-4630

BUD TRIMMING MACHINES FOR SALE - Buy a new or used trimmer machine to optimize your marijuana harvest.

Depending on your budget, harvest requirements, and other factors, you can purchase a new bud trimmer or ask about our used bud trimming machines. As mentioned earlier, we offer our clients a 15% discount on all machine parts and labor for the machine’s entire life. Also, you will get a free hour of professional consulting to ensure you are purchasing a highly efficient machine that suits your marijuana harvest needs.

Whether you require a manual, automatic, dry, or wet harvesting machine, The Trimmer Store MIA has got you covered. If you decide to save your trim, we can help you achieve that too. Also, we offer a broad range of trim accessories and have over a decade of professional experience helping marijuana growers optimize their harvest.

Contact us to consult with our specialists. 1-786-933-4630.

Bud Trimming Machine maintenance - Our technicians can service and clean all trimmer machine brands

  • Pulleys
  • Belts
  • Tumblers
  • Bearings
  • Indexing plungers
  • Wheels
  • Buttons
  • Deep cleaning
  • Wheels

At The Trimmer Store MIA, we understand every minute counts during the harvest season, and less efficient or non-functional bud trimmers could result in a big loss. Contact us when you realize that your trimmer or bucker isn’t working as expected.

Our specialists can help inspect the machine, acquire the correct replacement parts, deep clean the machine, and fix all underlying issues within the shortest period possible. Remember, if you bought the bud trimmer from us, you are entitled to a 15% discount on all relevant parts, labor, and machine maintenance costs for the entire life of the trimmer.

Contact us if you want to schedule a bud trimmer maintenance appointment. 1-786-933-4630

While The Trimmer Store MIA’s team has many years of experience maintaining bud trimmers, our specialists are also experts in the business with a knack for growth and expansion. We offer comprehensive business consulting services in different areas of marijuana production.

Whenever you need actionable insights regarding bud harvesting, you have two options. You can schedule a face-to-face consultation session with our specialists at our store. The cost of this consultation session is $60 per hour. Remember, the session also includes trimmer machine demos, flower density check, and moisture level verification.

The second option involves one or a team of our specialists visiting your facility to evaluate your marijuana growth and harvesting strategy. This form of consulting costs $100 per hour. It includes assessing your trimmer equipment set up, harvest & drying process, trim crew work habits, and more. Our specialists can help with nearly everything, from setting SMART goals to sharing valuable employee motivation and retention insights.

Contact us to schedule a consultation session. 1-786-933-4630

Marijuana Harvesting Consulting - The Trimmer Store MIA provides harvesting consulting services to growers of any size.

  • Learn more about harvest planning and set SMART goals
  • Learn how to use bud trimmers correctly
  • Set up efficient bud trim lines and speed up the harvest process
  • Learn how to preserve trichome and minimize waste
  • Develop and implement the right floor plans
  • Get to know your full marijuana production potential
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