Denver and the Arts: 5 Reasons Why Artists Love This City

Certain things immediately evoke respect.

When I heard about Denver’s reputation regarding the arts I automatically fell in love with the city. Why? Because few cities do so much for arts and culture. And that’s something a city can be proud of.

It’s possible this is the reason so many artists—such as Tim Allen, Roseanne Barr, and Bill Murray—have connections with Denver, Colorado.

When there are platforms artists can achieve so much more. Creating these platforms should be part of every city’s vision.

In Denver, you can see this is true.

Denver Generates Income for Artists

Denver has quite a few lists it ranks first on:

  • It’s the highest major city in America at an altitude of one mile above sea level
  • Denver hosts the largest stock show in the world
  • Denver has the longest street in America
  • Denver’s Mint manufactures the most coins daily when compared to mints worldwide

But here is a ranking that changes people’s lives.

Denver has been rated as the city in America that collects the most money for artists.

Let’s be realistic. Art is not always a career that makes people rich. But when communities organize funds to support artists these creative individuals can make their living.

And Denver’s approach to art is diverse. You’ll find everything from a stage for comedians to art galleries in the city.

Here are some facts:

  • Denver’s Museum of Contemporary Art offers free admission for under 18s. That shows commitment to encourage young generations to invest in the arts and explore their creative options.
  • Over $40 million is spent in Denver to educate people—the youth specifically—about the arts.
  • Denver’s City Opera and Creede Repertory Theater host 47 000 people every year. These are small arts companies but in Colorado that make a huge impact.
  • The citizens approved a Scientific and Cultural Facilities Tax in 1988. This provides funds for the upkeep of many cultural facilities.
  • 10 000 jobs are created in the Denver area specifically through the arts.

And that’s the best thing about the arts. When you invest enough time and money into it, it offers you excellent returns. I hope other cities can learn from this example.

Denver Locals Love Art

But a city’s vision won’t succeed if the citizens don’t support it.

And Denver residents welcome artists with open arms.

The statistics prove it:

  • 69% of families in the Denver region attend shows at the Denver Center for Performing Arts.
  • 52% of adults in Colorado attend performing arts events. That’s 15% more than the rest of America. Denver plays a huge role in these statistics.
  • Many parents let their children audition for the Denver Young Artists Orchestra. Despite the additional work and practice time this requires—apart from normal school work—families see it as an honor to play a role in the arts.

With this communal support for the arts, it’s no wonder actors such as AnnaSophia Robb felt confident enough to pursue an acting career. The belief that art—and acting—is a valuable skill combined with support structure catapulted this child star to fame

And that’s simply one of the success stories.

It Showcases the Arts

Of course, it’s not only about sending actors to Hollywood. Denver offers opportunities right in the city itself.


Many American cities are known for hosting specific music styles. But if you simply love music as a whole you can enjoy many different genres in Denver:

  • Jazz
  • Folk music: You may see the folk band The Lumineers walking the streets of Denver. And you can’t forget music legends that lived in Denver:
    • Bob Dylan
    • Judy Collins
    • John Denver
  • Classical music: There are many theaters where orchestras can perform:
    • Apollo Hall Opera House built in 1859. The city was only founded in 1858. This shows the love for the arts has been part of the city since the start. This may be why it’s so well evolved.
    • Ellie Caulkins Opera House
  • Pop

Graphic Art

If your artistic preferences lean toward graphic arts, you’ll fill an entire holiday by simply visiting the many galleries:

  • The Denver Art Museum
  • Pirate Contemporary Art that specifically supports local artists. Exhibitions include painting and sculptures but also mixed media and lights.
  • The Colorado Photographic Arts Center helps young photographers evolve their skill. Since the center also offers education you know Denver’s impact in this genre will continue.
  • Kirkland Museum of Fine and Decorative Art.
  • Native American Trading Company where you’ll find new and old items from Indian & other artists.

This is the ideal city to look for new décor pieces for your home or simply view something unique.


And let’s not forget Denver’s festivals! They cover many topics and themes. Plan your next Denver visit around one of these exhilarating experiences such as:

  • Denver Underground Music Showcase
  • Neustadt JAAMM Festival
  • Denver Arts Week

It Offers Excellent Education

The success of the arts won’t come without knowledge. People need to learn about the arts to discover their own talents.

And luckily Denver doesn’t disappoint. As already mentioned above there are various programs that invest in the younger generation. The programs focus on many art forms, so no matter a child’s natural abilities he or she can easily find relevant information and platforms.

Is this Art?

If you’re really passionate about the arts you’ll recognize—and appreciate—creativity of any form.

And that’s why your respect for Denver should also extend to its involvement in other creative industries.


Denver is the town where unique cuisine evolves. Firstly America’s favorite dish—the cheeseburger—was first made in Denver.

Decades later the town also promoted Mexican cuisine such as chili and Chipotle that it became world-renowned.


Denver is home to many breweries. Its community’s passion for this beverage can be seen in the hosting of The Great American Beer Festival which takes place every year.

Now you probably have a new reason for visiting Denver during your next holiday. You can either find a place to develop your own creative skills or simply enjoy other artists. While Denver offers many attractions for the ordinary traveler it’s comforting to know someone with acquired tastes can also find the perfect breakaway.

Learn more about Denver, Colorado.

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