9 Ways to Entertain Children on Your Visit to Denver, Colorado

Here’s what I found when I started browsing Denver tourist attractions: This city loves kids!

No matter where you go you’ll find child-focused entertainment too. You can enjoy activities you love without boring the kids or compromising on what you need from your next break away.

And if you want to dedicate a day to the kids’ wishes you’ll quickly fill up a day’s itinerary no matter their preferences.

This makes Denver, Colorado the perfect holiday option for families.

Let’s make planning easy for you by listing some of the best places to go.

Look for Dinosaurs

Let’s start with the place you’ll want to see yourself!

At Dinosaur Ridge you can learn about fossils. This is a perfect place for a day outing for adults and children who love nature & history.

The park offers hikes but there’s also a shuttle service which is perfect when you have smaller kids. Along the way, you’ll see real fossils, tracks, and artifacts. Instead of visiting a museum you can see these items in the surroundings they were originally found in.

That’s the ideal way of adding some education to your children’s holidays.

Alternatively, simply let them have archaeological fun in the center’s Kids Dig Areas.

Perform on Stage

This is another venue both you and the kids will love.

Red Rock Amphitheater is a naturally formed theater used by many famous artists. But during the day you and your children can play where U2 and the Beatles have performed in the past.

Explore the rocks or take the family on a healthy nature walk. You’ll love the views and your children will love feeling famous for a moment on stage.

Learn About the Past

Children love animals!

Littleton History Museum is a farm where everything is done in primitive ways. This is another way of learning about the past in a fun manner.

Among other things you can view:

  • Animals on the farm
  • The blacksmith’s shop
  • A schoolhouse

Your children can talk to the volunteers who work there so they can learn about the past through interaction.

This is much better than reading a textbook!

Have Fun the Wild West Way

When it’s time to simply have fun you must visit Heritage Square.

Denver forms part of the Old Wild West so it’s a fitting theme for this amusement park. It’s a place reminiscent of classic ways of having fun:

  • Bumper cars
  • Paddle boats (What child doesn’t love water?)
  • Candy shops
  • Toy stores

It’s all a child will find fascinating and you’ll love the traditional food sold at the many stalls.

Visit the Animals

No city is complete without a zoo and Denver, Colorado doesn’t disappoint.

80 acres of land is used to house animals from across the globe.

But don’t simply venture out. This zoo requires some planning. Why? Because you want your children to experience all its special features.

The Denver Zoo has an interactive schedule that allows you and your children to view animals’ feeding times and other demonstrations. The zoo teaches children in a fun way and the schedule is well planned so you can take part in as many events as possible throughout the day.

Make Time for the Museums

Yes, you can find all you need to know on the internet. But museums in Denver are still popular attractions for young and old. Why? Because they move with the times.

Children’s Museum

The best way to learn is while you’re having fun.

Your kids can be mentally stimulated during your holiday while enjoying activities specially designed to entertain them.

Denver’s Children’s Museum offers a range of exhibits meant to spark creativity in children:

  • Instead of viewing a hot air balloon they can try and power one themselves
  • Artistic children can enjoy sculpting
  • Awe your children by letting them step into a giant bubble

These experiences are all possible at this museum. It will turn an ordinary holiday into the ultimate memory they never want to forget.

Museum of Nature and Science

At the Museum of Nature and Science Denver harnesses the power of technology to showcase facts in an interesting way:

  • There’s an IMAX theatre where films deliver knowledge in a spectacular way
  • The planetarium teaches about the stars with engaging visuals
  • Exhibitions make facts come to life

Children can even enjoy interactive programs hosted on certain days.

Play Golf

Now it’s time for some competition. Once again you’ll enjoy it as much as your children.

At the Adventure Golf & Raceway you can pick one of three miniature golf courses. Let the whole family join in and see who has the best aim.

Alternatively, you can all race around the go-kart track. Is there a better way of having fun than traveling at high speed?

Pick Pumpkins

Holidays are perfect for getting out of your normal routine and letting kids enjoy simple ways of having fun. Certain activities simply can’t be reproduced in big, busy cities.

Visit Colorado Pumpkin Patch so children can experience some true farm living—and play:

  • Climb on straw bales
  • Walk through a rope maze
  • View animals at the petting zoo
  • Play in the corn box
  • Gourd launching

Where else but in the Wild West will you find open space where gourd launching can safely take place?

And at the Pumpkin Patch, each child can even pick a pumpkin as a healthy souvenir.

Find Santa

I hope your children still believe in Santa. Help them believe even more by visiting the North Pole.

This North Pole is an hour’s drive from Denver, making it the perfect day outing. It’s an amusement park but you’ll also find “Santa’s Workshop”.

You probably already know which attractions your kids will love. And you can make it easy for them to enjoy it all. Thanks to excellent transport around Denver and shuttle services at many venues fatigue won’t keep your family from having fun. Denver knows how to meet all your family’s needs!

Click here for more about Denver, CO.

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