8 Things Denver is Famous For

What is your city famous for? Perhaps you can name one or two things?

When you come from Denver your answer will be lengthy.

Let’s see how fast we can count down the best things Denver, Colorado draws attention for.

Its Statues

Denver doesn’t showcase the normal type of statues.

It’s not only the marble monuments or cast iron horses that attract attention. In Denver, the horses are made of fiberglass and they’re blue.

To be accurate there is only one of these horses in the city, but at a size of 32ft, it’s quite impressive.

This statue is perhaps more notorious than famous. This is because its creator died during its construction when one of the parts fell on him. But residents still love it and jokingly call it Blucifer.

If you’re not into horses you may find the blue bear interesting. This is another artistic piece and stands at 40ft tall. It’s positioned outside the Convention Centre and is a famous spot for taking photographs.

Will you take one too?

Its Dinosaurs

Let’s stay with huge creatures and focus on Dinosaur Ridge.

This is a park with a difference. Instead of learning about fossils inside a museum tourists can walk in the park and view them where they were found.

The park also has a practical approach. It allows children to try their hands at archaeology in the Dig Areas.

Its Buildings

Let’s go even bigger and talk about Denver’s buildings.

If you love classic building styles you’ll love the State Capitol Building. But why is it famous?

When this was built in 1894 the designers wanted something unique. Look around when you go inside and there you’ll find all the Colorado Rose Onyx of the world used in one place. Nowhere else will you find this stone.

It may seem a bit greedy. But the effect is stunning!

And before you leave don’t forget to linger on the 13th step on the western side. This is where you’ll be exactly one mile above sea level. This is a claim few other US cities can make since Denver is the highest major city in America.

Its Education

How about famous features that have everlasting effects?

Denver has these too!

Denver isn’t the winner but ranks second in America for how educated its population is. How is this measured? Denver hosts one of the largest populations of high school and college students.

Students are hosted in:

  • 73 elementary schools
  • 15 K-8 schools
  • 17 middle schools
  • 14 high schools
  • 19 charter schools
  • Colleges
  • Universities

Denver’s first university was established only a year after the city was established. This proves education has always been important and hopefully always will be.

Its Food

When the world thinks of America it imagines cheeseburgers.

And where did this dish have its origin?

Denver is famous for its food as well thanks to Louis Ballast who made the first cheeseburger in 1935. He sold it at the drive-in he owned and ever since then it’s been a favorite of many households.

But food fame doesn’t stop there.

If you love Chipotle you probably know Chipotle Mexican Grill.

Thanks to the high number of Mexicans that reside in Denver this cuisine was well supported when launched in the 1990s. Today you find this restaurant’s outlets all over the world.

But where did it start? In Denver of course!

The Olympic Games

Most cities get famous for hosting sports events. But Denver is unique. This city is known for not having one.

For the 1976 Olympic Games, Denver was an excellent candidate to host the sporting event. But in hindsight, the community realized the adverse effects it would have on their environment.

They felt so strongly about protecting their ecosystem that they withdrew their bid. All tourists who visit the area and enjoy the mountain parks are probably thankful the city made this decision.

Currently, there are talks about Denver hosting an upcoming Winter Olympics in 2026 or 2030. We will have to see if nature wins again.

Its Air

While we’re on the subject of nature sports enthusiasts probably know they can hit balls further in Denver than in most other American cities.

What’s the reason?

The high altitude of the city means the air is thinner and contains less vapor. This has two important effects that Denver is famous for:

  • Balls get less resistance when traveling through the air. Your golf balls will travel further when you hit them. Baseball played at Denver’s Coors Field usually delivers higher scores than on other fields across the country.
  • The air in Denver seems bluer than in most other parts of the country. With less vapor obstructing your view you can see color more vividly.

Some of Denver’s fame doesn’t require any human intervention. This is simply an amazing location!

Its Survival Techniques

But then there are the achievements that won’t be possible without people’s hard work and dedication.

Since its establishment in the 1850s Denver’s citizens have seen some hard times.

Somehow they always managed to reinvent themselves—and the city—to stay afloat. Time and again Denver could have ended up as a ghost town. But it didn’t.

The town prospered as a gold mining town at first, but its affluence waned after a while. Added to this the railroad was built 100 miles away.

What did the Denver citizens do? They took it upon themselves and connected their town to the railroad. This once again established the town as a service and supply center.

World War II put America under pressure but Denver’s leaders knew how to keep the city going. They offered manufacturing services and because the city is far from coastlines there was less risk of goods damaged by attacks. Denver always knew how to make the best of all opportunities.

Despite a fire in 1957 at Denver’s nuclear facility the town’s momentum didn’t waver. It still attracted large international corporations that established offices there.

In recent years the city improved its transport infrastructure and aesthetics. Today these features make it an attractive destination for tourists.

If you haven’t experienced these features of Denver you’re missing out. It’s the perfect spot to appreciate everything from natural beauty to human achievement.

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