8 Fun Facts You Never Knew about Denver, Colorado

Why do I love Denver? What’s not to love?

Wherever you walk you’ll see features connected with astounding history or thrilling activities.

But you must know what to look for.

Allow me to guide you through some of the best facts about this city. Travelling is all about creating memorable moments. Armed with these fun facts you’ll know exactly where to take the best selfies for your social media profiles.

Let’s make your Denver, Colorado visit unforgettable and fun.

This is Where Hamburgers Originated

Our first fact means you can’t leave Denver without enjoying a hamburger. I normally don’t need an excuse to order one but they seem to taste better when they’re made in Denver. Every bite is an experience.

Why? Because Denver is where hamburgers started.

Yes, there are debates about this fact. But generally, people concur that in 1935 Louis E Ballast first created and trademarked the cheeseburger. It happened at Humpty-Dumpty Barrel Drive-in and it’s been a favorite of American cuisine ever since.

I bet you’re hungry now!

The Only Place in the World

Many cities can claim world firsts. But what about a ‘World Only’?

Yes, the Colorado State Capitol in Denver is an impressive building and has quite a few reasons to motivate a visit:

  • On its western steps you’re exactly one mile above sea level
  • The dome is gold plated and beautiful to look at
  • From its setting you can view 200 hills and mountains making it the perfect place for taking photographs

But these features’ value fades when you realize the dome also contains the entire world’s supply of Colorado Rose Onyx.

Yes, you have to visit this specific building if you want to view this precious stone. That’s an interesting way to ensure a city attracts visitors. And the view is well worth the travel!

Biggest Show in the World

And Denver has another reason to be world famous!

Each January the National Western Stock Show is held in Denver. This is the biggest stock show in the world. In no other place is such a huge number of animals showcased.

And it’s not simply for show.

The National Western Stock Show is actually a charitable organization. They offer scholarships for agriculture and medical students. The venture also promotes modern breeding and feeding techniques to benefit farming & agriculture.

Can you see yet why I love this city?

Balls Travel Faster in Denver

This is a scientific fact.

Denver has a unique location 5000ft above sea level. It’s the highest major city in America and this gives the air some unique features.

At this altitude, air is less dense. With less resistance items can travel faster and further through the air. For this reason, it’s fun playing golf or baseball in Denver, Colorado. You can improve your performance simply by visiting the city!

This also means sports teams must take special precautions to adhere to national standards. The Colorado Rockies—a Denver baseball team—keeps balls in humidors to prevent them from expanding before each game. When they’re allowed to expand thanks to low air pressure batters’ performance will be greatly affected.

Unique Olympic Reaction

Why did this city decline an invitation to host the Olympic Games?


By hosting the 1976 Winter Olympic Games Denver could have benefited from increased tourism. But the city realized there would be environmental impacts as well.

The city picked a democratic way of making a decision and everyone in Denver could vote on the issue. Contrary to most other cities Denver’s people decided to benefit the environment rather than their pockets.

No Olympic Games was held. Denver is the only city in history that made such a decision.

The unpolluted, open stretches of land you find in and around Denver today still benefit from this decision. They’re also one of the main reasons people visit this city.

Once again Denver has a world first!

Have You Walked on the Rattlesnake?

Few things in Denver are made without a specific purpose.

When you walk down the 16th Street Mall’s pedestrian walkway you may think the pink and grey design seems random.

It’s not. All you need is some altitude.

From above this stunning walkway resembles the skin of a Western Diamondback rattlesnake. This is something befitting a city of the Old Wild West. And it only took 400 000 pieces of marble to create!

The Name was Bought with Whiskey

Yes, Denver got its name from a reputable Kansas governor, called James Denver.

But there’s always some competition when new towns are built. Various other names were proposed because three separate towns had to be joined when the city was established.

In Denver’s case, the name issue was quickly resolved. And all it took was a barrel of whiskey.

The people who requested different names all agreed to withdraw their demands. All they wanted was payment in the form of whiskey. And so Denver was born.

A Few More Firsts

You can see why Denver is such a favorite with tourists. We all want to visit unique places. And Denver has enough unique spots to fill your entire holiday schedule.

Here are a few more you can enjoy:

  • Visit the Mint which is the largest producer of coins in the world. You’ll know when you get a coin from this Mint when you notice the letter D on it.
  • Denver currently has the longest street in America. It’s called Colfax Avenue and it’s 26 miles long.
  • Denver’s 14 000 acres of mountain parks make it the city with the largest park system in America.

Now you too have enough reasons to visit this place!

With a century and a half worth of history Denver has enough stories to entertain anyone, no matter your field of interest. Denver has always managed to survive and grow through each economic slump. And each time its collection of noteworthy facts and stories keep on growing! What do you love about this city now?

Get more facts about Denver, Colorado

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