8 Exciting Activities in Denver Colorado for Adventurous Tourists

Visiting Denver? Good choice!

There’s so much to do for adventurers like you and that’s why I’ve compiled a list of eight fun activities that are not exactly ideal for couch potatoes.

There are enough sites and tourist destinations in Denver, Colorado to keep you busy for weeks.

But for those who want to really experience this state for all its worth, I’ve got a few activities here that’ll leave you with tons of good memories.

Ziplining in the Rocky Mountains

If bungee jumping and skydiving are a bit too extreme for you, the Rocky Mountain Zipline Adventure is a tad less intimidating.

You get quite a thrill from hanging hundreds of feet from the ground, but you’ll remain secure in a harness attached to a solid steel line.

Sliding from one end to another is the ultimate adventure. There are so many sites to see and you will hardly miss a thing from the top of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains!

Wall Climbing at Denver University

Reasons I love wall climbing and why you should too:

  • It helps me meditate
  • It’s great exercise
  • It’s a thrill to get to the top
  • It’s awesome coming down!

Denver University allows the public to use their wall climbing facilities at a reasonable price. They have everything you need, including harnesses, hooks, shoes, rope and of course a well-maintained wall that’s begging to be conquered.

If you’ve never enjoyed this activity before, ask the guys at UD to lend you a hand and show you the ropes (pun intended).

Sunset Hiking

Imagine basking in the beauty of a sunset for a total of three hours!

That’s one of the activities in Denver, Colorado that many adventurers flock to. It’s a hiking trail that focuses on the legendary Rocky Mountain sunsets you’ve seen on so many postcards.

Experience this beauty in real life, and extend it with a three-hour hike that gives you a full view of the golden Colorado sky.

An ideal activity for a group of friends or large families with children. This is one of the best ways to see this state during its finest hours. It’s the kind of adventure that will leave you in love with the state of Colorado.

Cruising with Fellow Cruisers

There’s a bustling Cruise Bike community in Denver, and they welcome all newcomers to join them for a day’s ride along the Rocky Mountains.

You can visit the Denver Cruisers’ website and find out which rides are suited to your level of cycling endurance.

And don’t think not having a cruiser is a viable excuse. The Denver Cruisers have bike hiring facilities where you can get a Cruiser for the day and trail the mountains of Colorado with others who love adventure!

There’s a lot more to these Cruiser fanatics than you think. Join them for a few after parties or events after your ride. You’ll meet a bunch of interesting locals.

Front Range Rock Climbing

If indoor rock climbing isn’t adventurous enough for you, why not go outside and do it in the state that does it best?

The Rocky Mountains of Colorado is host to several rock climbing stations. If you’re adept at rock climbing yourself—and have all the equipment you need—then welcome to the largest playground you’ve ever seen!

The Front Range of Denver, Colorado is one of the most stunning places in the world to climb. it’s also immensely vast, so the higher you go the more you’ll see.

A Canyon Road Test Drive

One of Denver’s major attractions is their sports car hire and test drive facility. Moring enthusiasts get to hire a sports car for the day and drive along a 15, 35 or 65-mile canyon road.

Test your driving skills and enjoy one of the most magnificent sceneries in the world, while you experience the thrill of an authentic sports car.

There are already many locals who frequent this activity over weekends. Feel free to ask them for a few tips before you start your thrilling journey.

Fly Fishing

Fly fishing is big in Colorado. Beautiful, large trout flock to this Rocky Mountain region and fishing is plentiful during the months of March and July.

There are also several fly fishing packages that include other activities. One such package is a fly fishing wade trip that includes an adventure through the Rocky Mountain rivers and through the valleys between the mountains.

Most of your journey will be spent fly fishing, so there’s more than enough time to relax, have a picnic and enjoy the scenery.

Haunted Pub Crawling

It doesn’t have to be Halloween for you to get your scare on.

Denver Colorado is home to one of the most fun pub crawls in the US. That’s right. You’ll get to visit a collection of pubs and places with a less than normal reputation.

There are also enough ghost stories to go around while you enjoy your favorite drink. Then you’ll see those stories backed up with evidence of haunted buildings and scratch marks on doors.

It’s a scare tour you don’t want to miss. Denver’s history has a dark side to it, and you’ll be amazed at some of the things you’ll hear, see and perhaps even experience…


These Denver destinations will keep adventurous tourists busy for hours—even days. If you have an adventurous spirit, then the home of the Rocky Mountains is an obvious choice for your travels.

You’ll feel at home with locals who are just adventurous as you are. Whether that adventure is met with a race car, a hiking trail, some fishing, climbing or cycling; you’re spoiled for choice.

The activities mentioned here have been sourced from the most reputable travel sites on the web. These particular ones have received high ratings from people who have embarked on them. So give yourself that adventure you’ve been craving. Book your ticket to Denver, Colorado and experience this state for everything its worth.

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