4 Reasons Denver Is the Best Place for Your Pet

It’s the eyes that usually get me.

Not everyone understands why you want to take your dog or cat with you wherever you go. But there are cities in America where owning a pet isn’t frowned upon.

When your pet manipulates you with sad eyes it’s time you make use of Denver’s pet-friendly environment. Denver’s leaders and citizens are on your side. That’s why Denver, Colorado was voted the best place for pets in the entire country.

And here’s how it’s calculated.


One factor you need to ensure a carefree day with your pet is finding amenities. You don’t want people frowning at you when your dog uses someone’s lawn to relieve itself.

In Denver, this isn’t a problem.

Denver is one of the greenest cities in America thanks to 20 000 acres of parkland. This gives you more than enough space to walk with your animals.

Yes, there are restrictions on some areas, but the city is quite accommodating to people and their animals. As long as you keep your dogs on leashes in these parks you won’t run into any problems:

  • Confluence Park offers you a view of the interesting downtown area. You can also browse some shops or watch boats on the water. All of this while your dog gets some fresh air.
  • Washington Park will keep you entertained as it hosts many outdoor concerts. You can enjoy croquet or soccer with friends as long as someone keeps an eye on your dog.

These are the perfect places to enjoy Denver’s friendly atmosphere while exercising your pets.

The pet-friendly rating also incorporates data about features pets need and love:

  • The number of hydrants in the city to offer dogs appropriate spots to mark with their scent.
  • Trees for cats to climb and use to sharpen or clean their nails.

Denver’s developed infrastructure supports tourism and offers excellent services to residents. It’s encouraging to know the city also keeps animals in mind when planning its future.


Of course, you can’t take your pet with you on holiday if there’s no place for him or her to stay.

In Denver, this isn’t a problem.

Various hotels in the city offer pet services. And no, it’s not only the substandard hotels that allow pets. In the hotels listed below, you and your four-legged friends will bask in luxury.

Hotel Teatro

This hotel proves that pet friendliness is a priority in Denver. It’s not simply about attracting a few more tourists.

Why else would a hotel offer a range of exceptional services to pets and their owners such as pedicures for dogs? These are done by certified canine massage therapists that can apparently help to calm your dog.

This could be the perfect activity after a long time on the road or after a flight.

The Art

At The Art, you’re forgiven if you wish you could trade places with your dog.

Here’s what this hotel offers pets:

  • Comfortable bedding
  • Treats the moment you arrive
  • Bacon fused water
  • Separate food and water bowls

The hotel even hosts public running events for pets and their owners.

The Curtis

Treat both you and your pet in this stunning hotel.

At the Curtis pets are treated as celebrities:

  • Their photos are showcases upon arrival
  • They can have ice cream designed for dogs
  • Chew toys are supplied

Of course, you’re also given a ‘doo-doo bag’ to ensure your pet doesn’t take a dooky in any of the hotel’s luxury areas.

Dog focused Attractions

But can you keep your dog busy during the day? You don’t want to leave him or her at the hotel while you enjoy your holiday.

In Denver, all this is taken care of.

Apart from the parks mentioned above Denver actually offers pet-focused attractions.

Railyard Dog Park

This park was initiated by residents. This simply shows the passion Denver’s community has for animals.

It’s situated in the city so you don’t even have to travel far to give your dog a respite from being indoors. You can let it off its leash and water fountains will offer refreshment for both of you.

Cherry Creek State Park

Denver is known for its stunning natural areas. People visit the area to enjoy fresh air during hikes and to get a view of the stunning Rocky Mountains.

At Cherry Creek State Park you can enjoy the outdoors with your dog and even let it off its leash. There’s a 107-acre area where dogs can roam untethered. Alternatively, you and your dog can explore Denver’s stunning surrounds on one of the trails.

Berkeley Lake Dog Park

At Berkeley Lake, you can enjoy views of the water while your dogs roam free. Don’t be concerned if you have a smaller sized dog. Simply take it to the separate fenced off area for dogs under 25lb. This prevents large breeds from hurting others and both you & your dog can have a relaxed day.

Doggie Boutiques

If you really love your dog you probably invest in its hygiene. And true hygiene is best looked after by boutiques.

In Denver, you’ll find many doggie boutiques. They make it easy to care for your dog even if you’re visiting the city as a tourist.

Denver simply thinks of everything!

You can see pet friendliness isn’t an afterthought in Denver. It’s a focus because the community understands the importance of your companion.

The Cost

No part of your life can exist without monetary investment. And owning a dog or a cat can be pricey.

But Denver is known for making it affordable to own pets. This adds to the many reasons this city deserves its Dog-Friendly Award!

What do you love doing with your pets? In Denver, you can do it all. And best of all it’s effortless if you know where to find what you need. In Denver, the infrastructure exists to give your dog a quality life or holiday experience.

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