12 Fun Things to Do in Denver on Your Day Off

It’s your day off. And whether you’re alone or with friends & family, I’ve got an awesome list of things for you to do in Denver, Colorado.


Go Pub Crawling

If you’ve never done pub-crawling during the day, you’re missing out.

I guess they call daytime pub crawling, ‘a brewery tour’, but to me it’s pretty much the same because I get to drink a lot of beer!

If you’re feeling brave on your day off, why not try a haunted pub crawl?

Take Fly Fishing Lessons

So you live in Colorado and you’ve never tried fly fishing? Okay, it’s time you embrace the culture and grab a rod.

There are several great fly fishing instructors in Denver who will teach you the art of fly fishing. You’ll get practical help on how to cast, tie flies and handle your fly fishing rod.

Since it’s a practical lesson, you’ll essentially be spending your day of fly fishing! And you may even catch something for your troubles.

Go See the Colorado Symphony Orchestra

I love classical music. But seeing a live orchestra is a whole new ballgame.

The Colorado Symphony Orchestra will blow your mind if you’re a classical music fan. Tickets are reasonable and availability is usually high if you book a few days in advance.

Hire a Hot Air Balloon

You’ve seen the Rocky Mountains from ground level. You may have even seen them from the canyon level. Now it’s time to see them from the sky.

Experience the Rocky Mountains like you’ve never seen them before—from a hot air balloon.

This is a true adventure, one that’s perfect for your day off. Have a picnic in a basket and see more of Colorado at one time than you ever thought you would.

Bring a friend or partner with you on this one. it’s an experience you’ll want to share with someone.

Experience a Food Tour

Guests can’t say enough good things about the Small-Group Downtown Food Tour. The food journey is great for foodies who want to sample the best dishes Denver has to offer.

I like this tour because it’s intimate. There aren’t too many people with you; so you get to chat, drink and eat with people as you get to know the better. It’s a great way to meet people in your home city and enjoy amazing food while you do so.

In addition to eating and mingling, you’ll hear a few tales of Colorado’s history as it pertains to food. Then you’ll taste that history with your own mouth to make the knowledge stick!

Visit the Theme and Waterpark

Even though I’m not a kid anymore, Elitch Gardens is one of my favorite places to visit on my day off in Denver.

It’s a theme and water park with more to do than you can fit in a day. If it’s your day off and you have the kids with you, try out the 53 rides on offer at the Elitch Gardens Theme & Waterpark.

And think about it; it’s a workday, so you have all those rides mostly to yourself. Shorter queues equal more fun. So get your bathing suit on and let’s go!

Enjoy a Comedy Show

Denver has some comedy talent that’s fresh and hilarious.

Support some of your local comedians by visiting the several comedy venues in Denver.

The Impulse Theatre is one such venue, where local comedy pioneers battle their way to your funny bone. It’s improv and anyone is welcome to try their luck at stand-up comedy. So if you’re brave enough, why not give it a try. I dare you.

You can also visit Comedy Works for weekly comedy shows in Denver. These comedians are a little more established. So if you’re looking for a laugh on your day off, this is one I would definitely try.

Visit the Denver Zoo

The Denver Zoo has become one of the busiest locations on weekends and public holidays. If you go during your day off, you’re likely to have less foot traffic to contend with.

Bring your kids along. There are tons to do at this elaborate Zoo—even during the evenings.

Start off with a walk around the zoo and visit your favorite animals. There are hundreds of species to look at, including reptiles, insects, fish, and birds.

Then check out one of the events the zoo is hosting. There are educational events for kids, nighttime tours for families and even light shows for adults.

Go Skiing in Winter

There’s usually a fair amount of snow during the winter months in Denver. During this time you can visit a number of skiing facilities.

Take a day off and go for skiing lessons. Surprise your friends and family during the holidays when they see you can ski like a pro!

Play a Round of Golf

There are several beautiful golf courses in Denver and many of them offer golf lessons.

Improve your swing with a round of golf or meet up with an instructor for an hour to refine your technique.

My two recommendations for golfers who don’t want to sign a club membership are:

  • Arrowhead Golf Club in Littleton
  • East at Broadmoor Golf Club in Colorado Springs

Embark on a Bicycle Journey Through the Rocky Mountains

You’ve got it good if you live in Colorado. You get one of the largest playgrounds anywhere in the world.

One way to make the most of it is on a mountain bike trail through the Rocky Mountains.

Your day off will be met with a cycling challenge—and rewarded with one of the most beautiful sceneries in the world.

Visit the Denver Botanical Gardens

Relaxing on your day off is probably more what you had in mind. If balloon rides and theme parks are too loud for you, why not have a picnic at the Denver Botanical Gardens?

It’s the height of relaxation and tranquillity—and you get to see some beautiful indigenous flowers and shrubbery.

Hmm… I think I’ll go there right now.

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