10 Best Restaurants You Must Visit in Denver, Colorado

I like to eat at a place where I know for sure I’m going to get good service and good food. Today, I’m giving you my list of 10 favorite restaurants in Denver, Colorado.

Hacienda Colorado

As the name suggests, Hacienda Colorado is a Mexican restaurant. But you won’t find this style or flavor anywhere else in the US or Mexico.

Its uniqueness lies in its fusion of traditional Colorado cuisine. So you have a delicious blend of Mexico and Colorado in every bite.

This restaurant is known for its delectable sauces and its full food & beverage menu. Try a few tequilas while you’re there. They have 120 different ones for you to choose from, so it’s going to be an interesting night.


If it’s a night of sophistication you’re after, then “Welcome to Vesta”. You can book your table online at this prestigious restaurant, and all imaginable facilities are available during your visit.

A lot of classic cuisine dishes form part of Vesta’s menu. They do an incredible rack of lamb, and I recommend you ask for their secret sauce. Also recommended are the Norwegian Salmon and Scallops.

The atmosphere is warm and inviting. Vesta’s dishes are uniquely created by professional chefs who pay attention to presentation and flavor. If you love dessert as much as I do, then this is the place to eat this weekend in Denver.

Spend an evening at Vesta and experience sophisticated wining & dining at its best.


I know, I know… another Mexican restaurant. Excuse me, but I love Mexican food—and no one does it better than Colorado!

My favorite part of Tamayo is the view. You get to look at the Rocky Mountains from an awesome vantage point while you enjoy some of the best food Colorado has to offer.

This Mexican restaurant has its own house cocktails and over 100 kinds of tequila to choose from. You may be tempted to try out their VIP area, which is decorated as a private lounge filled with authentic Mexican art pieces and paintings.

The food is modern Mexican cuisine with a touch of elegance added to every plate. So if you’re looking for a perfect night out, Tamayo is a safe bet.

Sushi Ronin

I love it when a restaurant takes a regular dish and elevates it to a new level.

That’s exactly what Sushi Ronin has done with sushi. Each sushi dish is carefully thought out and prepared with a backdrop of elegant garnishes and succulent food.

The restaurant serves its sushi in a bar-like fashion, so you get to socialize while you indulge. The setting is intimate, and the décor of the restaurant is super inviting.

The Squeaky Bean

Before you jump to conclusions, The Squeaky Bean is not a coffee shop. Rather it’s an elevated take on simple fresh farm ingredients.

A few secret sauce and dressing blends take these simple ingredients and turn them into high-end restaurant cuisine.

The Squeaky Bean uses healthy ingredients to mix homemade cocktails. You’ve never seen this kind of creativity anywhere else. Each drink comes with a charming name and a blend of flavors that are completely original.

You’ll be enjoying your meal amidst a social setting where people are always bustling. Lunchtime is an especially busy time, as the restaurant gets ready for Brunch Bingo.

This popular Restaurant is one of Denver’s proudest, so go give it a try.


Some of the finest flavors have come from Northern Italy; and Panzano has brought them to Denver, Colorado. You’re in for some of the best Italian food you’ve had anywhere in the state.

Get ready to be treated like a celebrity at this elegant restaurant. They have a wine list full of award-winning wines and champagnes.

The ingredients used to form Panzano’s dishes are sustainable and organically grown. Each one is a common feature in authentic Northern Italian cuisine. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.


Wonderfully spacious and almost always busy, Potager is an all-day restaurant that specializes in organic and seasonal cuisine.

You know what that means, right? It means the menu changes as often as the seasons do! The restaurant sources its ingredients from local farmers around Denver and reinterprets them in an elevated and flavorful way.

If you live in Denver, Colorado and haven’t been to Potager, I strongly suggest you try it.


I’ll be honest, Greek food is not my favorite. But I make an exception for Rioja, who have taken Mediterranean cuisine and developed it to a whole new level.

It’s not Greek per se, but their famous lamb burger certainly carries Greek overtones. The meat is succulent and flavorful and their spice blends are addictive.

Hop Alley

You never thought ingredients could hold so much flavor! If you love high-end Chinese cuisine, then Hop Alley is right up your… well, you know.

The décor is done in a modern Hip Hop style, laid out cleverly with enough seating to cater for events and busy weekends.

RiNo knows this restaurant well as it’s a popular family destination well throughout the week. If you’re going there for dinner, you’ll be spoiled for choice when you open their wine list—with several good options to choose from.

Bar Dough

Let’s finish off with dessert, shall we? Bar Dough has some of the best Italian desserts in Denver, and they’re all exclusively created for the restaurant.

Bar Dough is an Italian family restaurant that serves food of a high caliber. Each dish is an eyebrow raiser and you’ll love how imaginative their chef designers are.

Pizza and pasta are both a safe bet and don’t forget to try some of their fresh authentic Italian salads. Their wine list contains Italian wines exclusively, so you’re assured of that fine Italian atmosphere.

Oh, and don’t forget their decadent desserts. Try two if you’re not feeling sweet enough today.


I’d give my endorsement for any one of these 10 amazing restaurants in Denver, Colorado. It won’t be long before one of them becomes your favorite too.

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